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Is Your Fitness Resolution Still a Thing?

Did you set the resolution bar too high? New Years Day was about 5 weeks ago, or 38 days, or 912 hours, or 5,520 min-err, you get the idea - it was a while ago. So...have you kept up with your fitness resolution? Yes? No? Maybe? If you just answered "Yes" - that's awesome! You're awesome! Carry on being awesome! But if you answered "No", or "Maybe", keep reading. According to our latest Ipsos Reid survey, we learned that: "15% of Vancouverites admit to making fitness resolutions...

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Workplace Fitness: Where do you even begin?!

Working out at work I know what you are thinking, "How am I supposed to workout at work? My office doesn't have a gym and I work the typical 9 to 5 desk job". Chances are your self-described typical 9 to 5 involves a lot of sitting, or slouching at your desk while you hammer away on a  keyboard writing e-mails and talking on the phone. Trust me, I can relate. We aren't exactly riding spin bikes in our offices or holding meetings in the squat rack. That being said, I do have...

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Falling Out of Your Fitness Routine?

Falling Out of Your Fitness Routine? Like it or not, summer is over. The kids are back in school, vacation time is gone, and there isn't a long weekend in sight. Not to mention the days are getting shorter, the nights longer. But what about your fitness routine? Are you already missing workouts? Too busy? Not motivated?  Not enough time for the gym? If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions, it's time for a change. Changing your workout routine can be crucial to...

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Do you even lift? The benefits of PowerBlocks and Weight lifting

I, James Newman, the CEO of Fitness Town have been using PowerBocks ( believe or not ) since their inception over 20 years ago. I got my first set when my wife was pregnant with our first… At that time we lived in a 2 bedroom Condo and our second bedroom was our home gym. Set of Hex Dumbbell’s 5 to 50 with a Dumbbell rack and a bench and an exercise bike. I was informed the gym had to go…. The bike could stay but the dumbbells were too dangerous to have around our new...

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Getting Functionally fit: advice for beginners and firebreathers

Functional fitness is something that has long been seen as important. Working exercises that mimic your daily movements into your existing routine is much easier than you think and the benefits are huge. On top of the regular exercise benefits like increased energy levels, circulation of blood, muscle toning etc., this type of fitness is special in that it brings a sense of community, enthusiasm and creates a well structured workout. It is welcoming and far less intimidating than one might...

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Cybex Bravo Functional Training System

Cybex knows that without training that works with your body's unique biomechanics, you can only get so far. Introducing the next evolution of functional training: The Cybex Bravo Functional Training System. Cybex International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment primarily for commercial use. The CYBEX product line, including a full range of strength and cardio training machines, is designed using exercise science to reflect the natural movement of the...

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Crossfit for Beginners

CrossFit consists of three general modalities: weightlifting, gymnastics, and mono-structural movements.  Weightlifting refers to lifting external objects or weights like power lifting or Olympic weight lifting.  Gymnastics is moving your body weight through space. Calisthenics is another term that can be used to describe this, examples would be a bodyweight squat, push up, pull up, and sit up.  Mono-structural movements are what most people commonly refer to as...

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Keeping your workout fun

The most important thing that is going to keep you coming back for more, is keeping your workout interesting and fun.  This means changing your workout every 3-4 weeks, which you should be doing anyway.  This creates muscle confusion, which will help you keep gaining new grounds and not hitting a plateau as most do with their workouts.    Things I have found that keep me coming back for more.  1) Every couple of months, go try out a new health club.  Pay the drop in fee and get into it!...

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Find Your WHY

We all have our reasons for getting and keeping fit. One of the keys to success and staying with it is to write down as many reasons as you can for getting off your butt. What is my WHY? In other words, why do I want to keep fit and healthy?  Some of my reasons might be the same as yours. Some of them might seem kind of silly to you, but I'm sure some of yours might seem kind of silly to me. Whatever works is what I always say. So here is my list of WHY I keep plugging away at trying to be...

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Crossfit -- the best workout ever!

Lots of postings on the Fitness Town blog talking about the esteemed "300" workout.  Well you may or may not know but the roots of the "300" workout lie in Crossfit.  I started crossfit training 2 weeks ago and I can honestly say that it has been some of the most intense workouts I have ever personally experienced.  Here is an exert from the website explaining what is crossfit: "CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical...

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