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10 Fitness Motivation Tips + Tricks

  So there you are deciding to get back on the wagon, to introduce more fitness into your life. To be healthier, happier and more energetic. All you have to do is actually get back on that elliptical, treadmill, bike or weight machine...but then you forget or you get hungry or something comes up and that wagon get's further and further away. Here are some motivational tips to keep that from happening and to get your fitness on track.   Keep your workout bag in a visible...

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Staying Motivated with Fitness Apps

B etween apple and android devices, there are over 25,000 apps that are available for download. This is one of the fastest growing app categories and in my opinion one of the more useful ones as well (although of course there is a time and place for posting photos of food, playing angry birds or seeing what your face looks like when combined with your boyfriends). These apps have many different uses and the one(s) you download should take into consideration your goals and your fitness level.

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Low Impact Workout Ideas: spare your joints

We don't always have to live the "no pain, no gain" lifestyle, in fact there are a number of great exercises out there that are easy on your joints and can decrease some of the pain you may be feeling post workout. Additionally, if you have joint issues, you may find that these workouts will decrease the pain that you may feel on a regular basis. Increasing circulation and strengthening muscles is extremely helpful in getting rid of stiffness and in some cases, pain. Here are some ideas of...

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Keeping Fitness Fun

Let's say you are fresh out of skip-its and neon clothes, how do you keep Fitness Fun? There is no one answer that will work for every person. You may need to go on your own fitness journey to see what keeps you moving but here are a few ideas I would like to share to start that adventure.     Switch it up : Aside from the clear physical importance of varying your workouts, switching your type of workout will ensure that you do not become...

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