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10 Fitness Motivation Tips + Tricks

  So there you are deciding to get back on the wagon, to introduce more fitness into your life. To be healthier, happier and more energetic. All you have to do is actually get back on that elliptical, treadmill, bike or weight machine...but then you forget or you get hungry or something comes up and that wagon get's further and further away. Here are some motivational tips to keep that from happening and to get your fitness on track.   Keep your workout bag in a visible...

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Supporting EVERY BODY with Fitness

I have seen a few Facebook posts as of late about fitness bullies and how our society tends to take a negative and judgmental approach on heavier people while they are exercising and in general.  Having grown up with 2 parents who were quite overweight I can tell you first hand what it is like to feel personally offended on their behalf when people would make comments and assumptions about overweight people being lazy or eating the wrong food and while most of us have some sort of vice, it...

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Reasons 2014 is your year for Fitness

  According to a recent Ipsos Reid poll we conducted, 42% of Vancouverites say they have no plans to set a fitness-related resolution and 15% admit to making fitness resolutions they know they’ll then break. It would seem that less and less people are setting resolutions and it appears that they aren't very affective. So does that mean there is no hope? It sure doesn't, quite the opposite. It means you need to make a lifestyle change and January is a great time to start...

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2014 Fitness Goal Setting & Motivation

Only a few calendars days remain in 2013 and it's time reflect on the year and the goals you hopefully set. Most importantly, it's time to set and start achieving your fitness goals for 2014. Just like any resolution, there are two main factors: Setting the goal and then staying motivated to achieve it.   1. Goal Setting Set goals and write them down. I definitely overlooked this in my adolescent years but nowadays I set personal, financial, work, career, athletic and of...

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Healthy Holidays: A poem modeled on the night before Christmas

Be sure to check out the video version of this poem here:   'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Everyone was exercising even the mouse The dumbbells were stacked all in a row Arranged in order from heavy to low The children were skipping, with bright smiling faces Creating natural endorphins with all of their paces Mamma was on the treadmill, favorite song playing loud Papa was on the spin bike, looking at his family so proud When out on the...

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No Longer a Tough Mudder Virgin

No Longer a Tough Mudder Virgin I lost it - and what a memorable experience it was. Still haven't read my "I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity" post? Get on it! Now where do I begin? As someone who has an entire favourites tab dedicated to motivational videos, most of which feature montages of locker room speeches, famous quotes, and inspirational music. You wouldn't have found a happier person in the world than myself at 12:20pm on Saturday. Prior to...

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New Year’s Resolutions or New Year’s Failures?

By Josh Manuel Another year has gone by and that means another year of making New Year’s resolutions.  “I’m going to exercise more, lose some weight, eat healthier and do what I couldn’t do the year before! Things will be different this year!”  Sound all too familiar?  Like most, I’ve fallen victim to the ‘Make a New Year’s Resolution and stick to it’ routine. Some years are better than others and I make it for a...

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Keeping Fitness Fun

Let's say you are fresh out of skip-its and neon clothes, how do you keep Fitness Fun? There is no one answer that will work for every person. You may need to go on your own fitness journey to see what keeps you moving but here are a few ideas I would like to share to start that adventure.     Switch it up : Aside from the clear physical importance of varying your workouts, switching your type of workout will ensure that you do not become...

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The power of positive self-talk in fitness and in life

There is no such thing as “just a” I recently had the pleasure of listening to Gene Vickers speak at our very own Fitness Town Toastmasters about meeting his hockey idol Bobby Orr . For those of you not familiar with Bobby Orr, he is a former professional ice hockey player who was one of the youngest players to be inducted into the hockey hall of fame, he was 31 when this happened. What was interesting about his story was not Gene’s celebrity moment, although listening...

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Initiate, Motivate, Habituate!

After seeing a lot of photos today about motivation and habits, I thought I would write a little something from my Yo-Yo perspective. I am very much a Yo-Yo in both fitness and my life. I get extremely excited, I think that I can change the world, I start planning the millions I will make with my great ideas and then about a week in, I lose that momentum and a few weeks later I don’t even know what all the fuss was about. I am certainly like this with the gym. One month I will go 3-5...

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