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The Complete Adjustable Dumbbell Buyer's Guide for Your Home Gym

Finding the right adjustable dumbbells for your needs requires knowing your options. Here is the complete adjustable dumbbell buyer's guide for your home gym

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Pilates Reformer Buyers Guide

What do you know about buying a Pilates reformer? Feel free to utilize this guide to get some basic information on choosing the right product for you.

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Gymnastic Wooden Rings - What & Why?

Maximum versatility Before the creation of the TRX trainer , gymnastic rings were the one tool that could provide both a newbie and the most advanced athlete a way to do pushups, rows, dips and more.  All that is needed is a solid support to hang them from.  A wall mounted pullup bar  or a squat rack with upper bar works well, but anything that can hold your body weight can work.  Ring workouts will intensely challenge your stabilizer muscles and your core so it is...

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Don't Skip Leg Day

Not a fan of deadlifts or squats? Running, or sprinting will help build strong leg muscles as well. Last month I wrote a blog about training splits and it sparked a conversation amongst my friends because I forced them to read it. We talked about our splits, the pros, the cons and everything in between - mostly trying to convince each-other the split we followed was the best. During the conversation, a friend mentioned his new training split.   His exact words, "Chest and...

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Top 10 Health and Fitness Gifts under $100

  Tis the season, and with Christmas only a few weeks away, why give the usual box of chocolates, or that sweater that ends up re-gifted to some unsuspecting distant cousin in a few months? Why not give a gift that improves the quality of life for the recipient? Give the gift of "health and fitness" this Christmas season. Not sure where to start? No worries, we've put together the Fitness Town Top 10 list for gifts under $100 : The Travel Roller is one of...

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Keeping your workout fun

The most important thing that is going to keep you coming back for more, is keeping your workout interesting and fun.  This means changing your workout every 3-4 weeks, which you should be doing anyway.  This creates muscle confusion, which will help you keep gaining new grounds and not hitting a plateau as most do with their workouts.    Things I have found that keep me coming back for more.  1) Every couple of months, go try out a new health club.  Pay the drop in fee and get into it!...

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