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Treadmill Tips: how to maximize your workout

If like most people, you want to get the most out of your workout then follow these tips to maximize your treadmill workout.

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Fitness Tips Galore

  We often post fitness tips on facebook , twitter and pinterest so it just made sense to compile them into one easy accessible place like our blog. Please leave your own tips in the comments below.     General Fitness Tips Working out for 20 minutes 5 times a week decreases sick days by 40% - encourage your employer to have a fitness facility or at least see if your benefits cover any fitness expenses.   Don't take pain killers pre/post work...

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Low Impact Workout Ideas: spare your joints

We don't always have to live the "no pain, no gain" lifestyle, in fact there are a number of great exercises out there that are easy on your joints and can decrease some of the pain you may be feeling post workout. Additionally, if you have joint issues, you may find that these workouts will decrease the pain that you may feel on a regular basis. Increasing circulation and strengthening muscles is extremely helpful in getting rid of stiffness and in some cases, pain. Here are some ideas of...

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Falling Out of Your Fitness Routine?

Falling Out of Your Fitness Routine? Like it or not, summer is over. The kids are back in school, vacation time is gone, and there isn't a long weekend in sight. Not to mention the days are getting shorter, the nights longer. But what about your fitness routine? Are you already missing workouts? Too busy? Not motivated?  Not enough time for the gym? If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions, it's time for a change. Changing your workout routine can be crucial to...

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How to get a better workout: taking your fitness to the next level!

Working out is an excellent way to increase circulation, tone your body and make you an all around healthier person but what do you do when you feel that you aren't reaching your true workout potential? Here are a few tips from the staff here at Fitness Town. 1. Lift Weights: If you aren't already working out with weights, there are many benefits to be had by adding them into your regimen. Weight training assists with weight loss and maintaining the loss. It does so by creating...

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Success tips for battling an uphill hike

Summertime is a great time of year to venture outside. If you are lucky enough to live by mountains you are probably familiar with the uphill hike. These hikes can feel a little overwhelming at times so here are some tips to help you survive! 1. Stretch.  Stretching is crucial for any fitness task and a hike is no exception. You should warm your muscles up before you start and certainly stretch them out when you are finished. This will decrease your chances of injury along the way and...

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Preparing for a fitness challenge

It would seem that summer is filled with marathons, adventure challenges and other fitness feats, or at least the facebook news feeds would imply this much. So what should you do to prepare for your own challenge should you decide to take one on? 1. Find a challenge that is within reach. You can train for almost anything if you have the time, the perseverance and the motivation. You should however start with attainable goals. For example, if you haven't run very much you may want to aim for...

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I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity

I'm about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity Everybody remembers the first time...right? In early February, my phone rang, it was my friend Dean, "Hey Malcolm,  thinking about putting a team together for Tough Mudder - you in?" "Umm... What? Tough Mudder? When is it? Where is it? Oh, okay, well, yeah...sure" I chalked this up as one of these ideas that friends have but never come to fruition. A few hours later, the phone rang. Dean again. "Hey Malcolm, I...

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Fitness Tips: Best moves for Mom

Moms give unconditional love to their kids but often don't give that same love to their own bodies. No matter what pre-pregnancy fitness level a new mom was in, it will take some work to get muscles back in shape post-baby. With Mother's Day right around the corner, Fitness Town and Life Fitness is sharing top workouts for moms who sacrifice fitness time to take care of their families. Don't skip cardio. Even if you do mostly strength training and toning exercises, you won't be...

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Fit-tip: Staying Hydrated in the Heat

We've all heard the rule that we should consume eight ounces of water per day, but how many of us actually do? Water is vital to proper body function - it makes up 70 percent of our body composition! Follow these tips from Fitness Town & Life Fitness to avoid suffering from dehydration during your next workout. Exercise causes the core body temperature to increase, and we sweat to help regulate our body temperature. Dehydration occurs when body temperature remains elevated and the body...

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