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Fitness ideas for us as we age

  Having  recently completed Family Day in Canada we have been focusing on family  fitness  and with that comes parents and fitness for people as they age in general. In our recent Ipsos Reid poll we discovered that the most active household members were children at 69%, followed by male parents and then female parents.  We also learned that 57% of parents would say that they are less active now than when they were younger. This makes sense if you think about...

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Top 10 Reasons to workout as a couple

With Valentine's day but a few days away, this post seemed aptly timed. For all the single ladies and gents out there, you can always work out with a friend just as easily but for the couples out here, these are the top reasons why you should encourage your plus one to workout with you. 1. It gets you in the mood . Exercise is a great way to increase circulation and flow which are some pretty important factors when it comes to sex. Working out can also increase your confidence and make you...

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Is the workplace to blame for inactivity? Some solutions for you and your employer.

In a recent Ipsos Reid poll we commissioned some interesting stats were discovered: 47% of working respondents believe that their job inhibits them from getting the amount of exercise they would like in a typical work week. 34% of working respondents said that they spend 6-8 hours being inactive at work during a typical work day (so nearly the entire work day). 76% of working respondents said they were exhausted at the end of the work day and that is why their job inhibits...

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Low Impact Workout Ideas: spare your joints

We don't always have to live the "no pain, no gain" lifestyle, in fact there are a number of great exercises out there that are easy on your joints and can decrease some of the pain you may be feeling post workout. Additionally, if you have joint issues, you may find that these workouts will decrease the pain that you may feel on a regular basis. Increasing circulation and strengthening muscles is extremely helpful in getting rid of stiffness and in some cases, pain. Here are some ideas of...

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