Fitness Town chose Torque because of their relentless desire to help their audience achieve their potential, which is inspired by their “Don’t Quit. Ever.” attitude. Torque believes that every person has the desire for greatness inside of them, and that fitness is a journey of discovering your own greatness. Torque’s mission and vision is that every fitness facility will be equipped with the most innovative, intuitive, and safest training equipment possible, and we believe that this extends to your home gym.

TANK - All Surface Sleds
TANK™ – All Surface Sleds

Multi-functional, all-terrain sled push for a powerful full-body workout.

Torque Fitness 7′ Arsenal with Single Cross

Commercial-grade, heavy-duty, small footprint squat rack and pull-up bar.

Torque Rubber Encased Grip Plate w/Stainless Steel Center Hub
Staff Pick
Torque Rubber Encased Grip Plate w/Stainless Steel Center Hub

Quality tri-grip weight plates in five sizes.

Torque Fitness Wall Ball Target 1
Commercial Quality
Torque Fitness Ball Target

Heavy duty wall ball target.

Torque Fitness Flat-Incline Bench

Solid build, heavy duty, sturdy frame, comfortable padded seat.

Torque Fitness Flat-to-Incline Bench

Premium quality adjustable bench for club-quality strength training at home.

Torque Fitness X-Gym Low Squat Rack 6'-Short Squat Rack-Feature
Torque Fitness X-Gym Low Squat Rack 6′

Pro squat lifting, maximum stability, low height profile, upgradeable attachments

Torque Fitness Bar Supports (Sold in Pairs)

Heavy-duty, protective, ultra-secure J-cups for a safe and smooth weightlifting experience.

Torque Fitness Glute Ham Developer
Torque Fitness Glute Ham Developer

Effective hamstrings and glutes workout, easy-to-adjust frame design, great stability.

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