MX Select

Fitness Town chose MX Select because of our aligned values around breaking down barriers to fitness, and our aligned belief that you can move more with less. By combining 10 pairs of dumbbells into a single system, the MX Select System requires less space and money to achieve the same training efficiency. For over a decade, the MX Select team honed and refined the system to make it what it is today. By creating a solution that is compact and does not require the space that a full gym provides, MX Select is empowering individuals to move more regardless of their environment.

$342 OFF!
MX Select MX85-Rapid Change Dumbbell System (12.5 lbs to 85 lbs)

Sleek, space-saving design. Unique dial for rapid, safe, accurate adjustments.

MX Select Adjustable Training Bench

Solidly built, highly versatile workout bench with adjustable backrest

$352 OFF!
MXSelect MX55 Rapid Change Dumbbell System (10 lbs to 55 lbs)

Rapid-Change Adjustable Dumbbells up to 55lbs.

MX Select MX30-Rapid Change Dumbbell System (7.5 lbs to 30 lbs)

Rapid change dumbbell with weights between 7.5-30lbs.

MX Select MX80 Adjustable Barbell and EZ Curl System

The first adjustable barbell of its kind, with a curved & straight bar

MX Select MX Dumbbell System Weight Stand

Quiet and smooth operation, durable and space-efficient design.

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