Stretchwell 20" Band Loops different colours and weights
Stretchwell 20″ Band Loops

Multi-functional training tool. Adds resistance to bodyweight, strength training exercises.

Stretchwell 4' Therapy Bands all colours
Stretchwell 4′ Therapy Bands

Convenient, versatile, and easy to transport piece of gym equipment.

Fitness Town Fit Loops five colours weights
Fitness Town Fit Loops 12″

Add resistance to body weight, strength, rehabilitation and agility training.

Stretchwell Pilates Overball - 9"
Stretchwell Pilates Overball – 9″

Soft and pliable ball, targets inner thighs and abdominal muscles.

Stretchwell 41" Resistance Bands mini red
Stretchwell 41″ Resistance Bands

Adding resistance to body weight and strength training exercises. Also used for rehabilitation and agility training.

Stretchwell Therapy Band / Tissue Floss
Stretchwell Therapy Band / Tissue Floss

Natural latex rubber bands, improve flexibility and range of motion

Stretchwell Stretch Cuff with Ankle Straps blue
Stretchwell Stretch Cuff w/ Ankle Straps

Add resistance to lower body exercises

Stretchwell 10' Speed Jump Rope
Stretchwell 10′ Speed Jump Rope

Lightweight portable training tool for improved agility, coordination, endurance.

Stretchwell Door Jam Strap foam stopper
Stretchwell Door Jam Strap

Portable, versatile exercise tool. Easily secure into any door frame.

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