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Stretchwell 41" Resistance Bands mini red

Stretchwell 41" Resistance Bands

Lightweight and portable, these 41” resistance band loops are easy to pack in your bag and offer a convenient alternative to using bulky weights for strength and resistance exercises.

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Enjoy the benefits of customized resistance training with these long 41” resistance bands. Add extra intensity and improve your strength training routine with five colour-coded resistance levels to suit every stage of your fitness journey.


Resistance Levels

Five resistance levels available:
Thin Orange: 3-20lb
Natural/Red Mini: 5-35lb
Red: 10 to 50lb
Blue: 25-80lb
Green: 50 to 120

Resistance bands mobility


41” resistance bands are also great for mobility work.

Resistance bands negative

Rep Emphasis

41” bands can be used to accentuate the negative part of a rep.

Resistance band squat


Great for squat jumps and squats, as well as assisted pull ups.

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Product Overview


Ideal For
Adding resistance to strength training exercises.


Easy to throw in your gym bag or luggage.


Material and Finishing
High quality Sri Lankan rubber.
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Since 1994, Stretchwell has sold high-quality physical therapy and fitness products for rehabilitation and exercise. Their resistance bands and tubing are manufactured with a patented layering process that delivers superior and longer-lasting products than traditionally produced bands and tubing. Fitness Town chose Stretchwell because of their quality product and customization capabilities.

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