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Heading to school this September? Whether you’re in grade school or post-secondary, here are some healthy back-to-school tips to keep you fit through the school year. After class begins, you’ll probably feel like a circus act balancing your crazy workloads, extracurricular activities, friends and family on a thin wire! So who has time to exercise and be health conscious? The answer is everyone.

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Having experienced post-secondary firsthand in a condensed program myself, I understand the challenges that many students may face. So what are you supposed to do? Let’s turn that mindset from “I want to” to “I am.” And no, thinking about working out during your professors’ boring lectures doesn’t count. So what can you do? In this blog post, I’ve highlighted five healthy back to school tips which I recommend for staying fit at school and on a busy schedule.

Healthy Back-to-School Tips


Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch

Eating a healthy breakfast is essential for allowing your body to function throughout the day. It provides the energy and nutrients which help to increase your ability to concentrate in the classroom. Many studies have shown that eating breakfast is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body weight. If you’re in a rush, check out some fruit smoothie recipes on Pinterest. They’re quick, easy to prepare and delicious. You can always bring it on the go in a shaker bottle when you realize, “wait…class is in five minutes!?” Hopefully, the smoothie pays off as you run like the wind across campus.


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Preparing a healthy meal for lunch is important in avoiding food temptations at the school store or at local restaurants. Ditch that three-hour-old pizza and enjoy a home-cooked meal prepared by you. If you live on campus and can’t necessarily prepare meals for yourself, understand portion control and limit yourself to the products you choose to eat. By preparing your lunch beforehand, whether a day or a week, you can focus more time on that major project that’s due just around the corner. The average household spends almost $1500 on fast food a year, according to the most recent Statistics Canada findings. As a student, money always seems to be “non-existent.” So who couldn’t use an extra thousand dollars these days?

Monitor long periods of sitting

Today, we have adapted our lives to rely on technology for many aspects of our lives, including academics. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can have a negative impact on your overall health, including an increase in the risk of many diseases. As explained in an article in Canadian Living, when sitting for long periods, your “metabolism of fat and glucose becomes sluggish.” This can lead to weight gain and another thing to stress about!

So how can you improve your health without sacrificing modern-day technology? Use it in moderation and do simple and small workouts along the way. Getting a stand-up desk, taking frequent walks, stretching or working out your wrists can make an impact. You can work out your wrists with our Neoprene Dumbbells. This product can be used in a variety of ways and can be used for other parts of your body. Best of all, they’re small and have the ability to be tucked away in cramped spaces.

Everyone knows that one person who is always moving in their seat; it might even be you. Some may find it annoying, but did you know it can help boost metabolism and burn calories? This is a simple and cost-free method that can benefit you without even thinking about it!


Understand time management

With busy schedules, how can we manage our time to live healthier and happier, do the things that we know are important, and still handle the responsibilities that are urgent? This question poses a dilemma as there is only so much time in one day. The possible solution is simply time management. Set a period of time every day to relax, work out, and prepare healthy meal alternatives.


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Time management doesn’t simply mean “do more work,” but rather focusing on the important tasks and accomplishing them. Priority is key when determining your lifestyle. Healthy choices should be a main concern throughout the day when eating and conducting your daily routine. As explained by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore, the President of the Productivity Institute, “90% of the people who sign up at health and fitness clubs today will stop going in the next 90 days,” stated in his Time Management and Improved Health report. This could be because even though they are starting up with all good intentions, they are only committed during the first few weeks. During this time, they regularly attend until something comes along, keeping them from going, and they eventually abandon the routine altogether. This is due to a lack of time management and persistence to carry on a fitness commitment.

By staying focused on what is most important to you and by adjusting your daily routine for healthier choices, you’ll feel like a better you. At Fitness Town, we strive to help those to make their fitness and health goals into accomplishments!

Bring the gym home

A positive and fierce mindset is needed to stick to a fitness routine. It may become more and more challenging to make it to the gym on a set schedule every night without fail. I recommend taking matters into your own hands by working out at home on your own time. According to Health and Fitness Centers Ohio, “those who purchase home gyms tend to stick with their exercise plans longer and are more likely to reach their fitness goals than those who purchase gym memberships.” Today there is a wide selection of equipment suited to everyone’s fitness needs. This also includes equipment designed for personnel with injuries enabling them to stay fit without damaging the problem further.

When living in small spaces, having large equipment isn’t always practical. Purchasing compact home gyms are affordable and popular for fitness enthusiasts on the go. You can pick up various materials such as the Travel Roller Acupressure Kit, TRX Home Suspension Training Kit or the Fitness Starter Kit. For more information on similar products, visit the Fitness Town website.

What are the advantages of having a home gym? Some may say convenience, motivation, hygiene and cost efficiency. Working out whenever is best for you is a definite upside of having a home gym. With busy schedules, sometimes the travelling to the gym seems unpractical. In the convenience of your home, get motivated by blasting your favourite tunes and working out in a place that inspires you. Being at home allows you to get comfortable and escape the homework for at least a minute or two. Hygiene is very important to many people. Having the ability to shower and upkeep your equipment can be very important. Honestly, do you know how many sweaty people have used that treadmill at the local gym today?


The LifeCycle GX Spin Bike

Lastly, having a home gym is cost-effective. With today’s technology, machines can last upwards of 10 years. For example, over a 10-year period, the Life Fitness Lifecycle GX spin bike would roughly cost $15 a month. Many gyms charge upwards of $40.00 a month for memberships. Purchasing a continuous $40/month membership would cost $4800 over ten years.  That is a considerable amount of money out of your pocket every month that could go towards student loans. For a better value, you could own equipment for years to come and have the ability to use it at your convenience.

Stress less

My last back-to-school tip is to find ways to stress less. While at school, keeping yourself sane can seem nearly impossible at times. It is very important to relax yourself and take breaks throughout the day. Yoga is a very common practice used to relax muscles and the body. A great thing to have for quick practice is the Yoga Force A-line Mat. This product allows you to comfortably perform your favourite positions and exercises to get homework off your mind. You can set up a Yoga mat practically anywhere and invite friends to keep you company.

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Long-time stress can affect your health in the long run. There are other methods to removing stress from your lifestyle. Allowing yourself to get a good night’s sleep is crucial for your body’s daily functionality. Sleeping allows the brain to rest and recuperate for the following morning. You may also want to consider going for daily morning jogs around campus before class begins.

A sometimes overlooked vital part of health is staying hydrated. Ensuring you drink a substantial amount of water daily increases your body’s function and removes any impurities. Simply fill a water bottle and keep it in your school bag for convenience. You can infuse your beverage with real fruit, including lemon, strawberries and more, to add flavour. Check out some simple and refreshing flavoured water recipes on Pinterest that you’ll love! Refrain from unhealthy soft drinks, especially those that contain large amounts of sugar or aspartame.

You may feel like these suggestions are a bit of a stretch for you and that there is just no time. Yet, you have found a moment to read through my blog. So, still, feel like you have no time? Get up, get out and get going! Remember, the most important thing to do is…


Always Keep Moving.

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