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Lock-Jaw Olympic 2 - 2”Olympic Barbell Collar (Pair)

Lock-Jaw Olympic 2 - 2”Olympic Barbell Collar (Pair)

Strongest, safest, and most durable collar with genuine lock, quick release, uni-body design, easy on and off, and suitable for all 2" Olympic bars.

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Looking for maximum performance and superb durability from your lifting equipment? The Lock-Jaw OLY 2 is the strongest and most durable collar available on the market. Suitable for all 2-inch Olympic barbells, these collars are designed to keep heavy plates safely in place. Made with elastomer pads and resin frame, the clamps protect your bar and plates from any damage, while still holding them firmly in place. The Lock-Jaw OLY 2 also allows you to use bumper plates without damaging the bar.


Lock-Jam Oly 2 NEW DESIGN is 50% stronger

Quick On-and-Off

The larger lever and uni-body design ensures easy installation and removal of the collar during workouts and is 50% stronger, while the elastomer pads and the resin frame protect the bar and plates from damage.

The Lock-Jaw Oly 2 is the safest and most secure collar for 2" Olympic Barbells

Ultimate Hold – Very Strong!

A barbell collar’s main function is to keep the weighted plates in place. The Lock-Jaw OLY 2 collar is the strongest and most durable collar on the market – strong and secure, preventing any slippage between your plates and the bar. This will assist you in keeping your barbell balanced and steady.

You can increase the weight you life by adding the Lock-Jaw Oly 2

Lift More Weight

When you increase your weight during a lift, a shift in plate balance can take you out. Increase the weight you lift with the Lock-Jaw Oly 2 by adding stability and reducing any shift in weight on the bar.

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Product Overview

Ideal Use

Ideal For
2" diameter barbells and lifters looking for quick, safe, and secure collars to enhance your lifting experience
Not suitable for barbells bigger or smaller than 2” in diameter

In Your Home, Office, or Portable Gym

None (8x5.5x11 cm)


Material & Finishing
Proprietary nylon resin

Equipment Ownership

No assembly required. Hyper-quick on-and-off during workouts.
90 days from date of purchase
Maintenance Requirements
Inspect regularly for wear and tear before using

Detailed Specifications

1.00kg / 2.20lb
8x5.5x11 cm
Shipping Dimensions
8.94 x 7.44 x 1.97 inches

Buyer’s Guide

Why you should bring Free Weight Equipment home?

  • A common myth is that free weights are for young people, body builders, or people serious about sculpting their bodies through muscle growth. Though free weights can be used for those purposes, weight training is for everyone and is critical in supporting the body’s functional abilities.
  • Moving weight (pushing, pulling, lifting, etc.) plays a critical role in maintaining our body’s functional abilities (bone density, mobility, balance, strength, endurance, etc.) and optimal body composition (fat vs. muscle).
  • Increasing muscle mass will increase your total daily energy used (calories) which contributes to fat loss. In other words, it’s strength and not just cardio that helps you lose fat.
  • Free weights offer maximum exercise flexibility – there are limitless ways to push and pull a free weight to promote strength and health. However, some knowledge or guidance is required in order to optimize your movements for effectiveness and safety.
  • Free weights offer resistance training in smaller spaces than strength equipment. A few free weights in the right range is all many will need to meet their training needs. There are even adjustable options for a wider weight range in smaller spaces.
  • Free weights are generally portable and storable – use them in any room of the house or take them to your favourite outdoor space.
  • If you are intimidated by Free Weights, check out our Strength Equipment options or resistance training Accessories.

Buying Weight Plates, Bars & Collars

Fitness Town has curated a range of quality weight plates, bars, and collars that pass various tests from our team of experts. After decades in the fitness industry, we’ve developed a good understanding of your needs, regardless of age or fitness level. We consider everything like industry standards, diverse physical statures, and training requirements and goals. When you buy a product from Fitness Town, you can feel confident knowing that it lives up to our high standards. All that’s left is finding the perfect match for you.

Here are some things to consider when comparing our weight plates, bars, and collars:

  • How will you lift? When narrowing down which barbell you want for your home gym, it’s important to consider your lifting style and weightlifting goals. For general exercising and bodybuilding, you can get a good workout with any barbell. However, i f you’re an Olympic lifter, you will want to consider an Olympic barbell that has bearings or bushings for spin and good whip. If you’re a powerlifter, consider a stiffer barbell with a higher weight capacity.
  • What kind of barbell did you choose? Before choosing weight plates, check the diameter of the ends of your barbell (the “sleeves”) where your weights will go. It will either be 1” or 2” diameter and you need to purchase weight plates that match.
  • How secure do you need your plates? Collars keep your weight plates from shifting or falling off the bar during exercises. Ultimately, this keeps you safe and minimizes the risk of injury. Athletes who are performing bodybuilding exercises like squats, curls, and deadlifts can safely lift with spring collars. However, if you’re an Olympic lifter and will be throwing your weights around, you should consider a super-secure lock jaw collar, so those weights don’t budge.
  • Your level of experience: Different barbells are suited for different levels of experience. If you are a beginner athlete and you’re just learning how to deadlift or squat, Fitness Town carries hex bars that help you nail down your form before you upgrade to a regular barbell.
  • What exercises will you perform? If you’re looking for a one-and-done barbell purchase, Olympic barbells might be the choice for you. You can perform virtually every exercise with these including squats, deadlifts, cleans, curls, and more. However, if you want to outfit your gym with more than one barbell, consider options that are designed for specific exercises. Fitness Town carries an array of curl bars, hex bars, and standard bars to fit your needs.
  • The grip: It’s important to consider your grip when choosing a barbell. Olympic barbells come in male and female versions with different grip diameters. The traditional ‘Ladies’ bar is a smaller diameter and suitable for a smaller hand, while the traditional ‘Mens’ bar is a larger diameter for larger hands. There are men who use ‘ladies’ bars and vice versa – it’s all about your personal preference and comfort. You want to ensure you can wrap your fingers around the bar during lifts. Also, consider a barbell with a knurling pattern if you want maximum grippiness on the bar.
  • Weight capacity: Take the barbell’s maximum weight load into consideration. If you’re a beginner athlete, a standard barbell’s weight capacity will be sufficient. If you are a powerlifter or want your barbell to grow with you, find one with a higher maximum weight limit.
  • Number of people and frequency of use: The number of people in your household and the frequency of use on your barbells and weight plates will impact the wear and tear. Consider the material your equipment is made from and the quality of the finishing or coating to ensure maximum durability.
  • Durability: Your environment and the way you exercise will impact the longevity of your equipment. If your home gym is in your garage or in a room that’s not insulated, consider a chrome barbell that will withstand the elements. Also, consider if you will be performing lifts where you frequently drop weights. You can’t drop cast iron or steel plates for obvious reasons… (damage to your floor, damage to the plates, you get the idea). Consider an option like rubber-coated bumper plates to protect your gym and your equipment from damage.
  • What else do you need to perform your exercise? You may want to consider a rack, cage, bench, and flooring if you plan to lift bars and plates at home, all of which are available at Fitness Town.
    • A rack or cage will hold and store your barbell in an elevated position and make it much easier to load the bar with plates as well as pick up the bar into a lifting position.
    • A cage (or a rack with a safety bar attachment) has the additional benefit of a safety bar that you can set at a specific height to catch the bar if you lift to exhaustion and drop the bar. This can allow you to lift on your own, without a spotter.
    • A bench allows you to use your barbell for bench presses and other seated or lying exercises.
  • Fitness flooring offers a layer of protection if you accidentally drop your weights.



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