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LifeSpan Fitness C5i Upright Bike

Solid, data-accurate, and sophisticated bike with innovative features such as the multi-color console, self-generated power, magnetic resistance, Bluetooth integration, personal training programs, and much more.

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Lifespan’s C5i Upright Bike is the perfect fully integrated exercise bike for any home gym. It comes fitted with a console that contains exercise programs for every fitness goal. It's easy to use, has a compact design, and generates its own power. This stationary bike combines innovative features, user-comfort, and durability, further solidifying the fact that it was designed with your best interests in mind. Expect the most comfortable and satisfying ride every time you step on those self-balancing pedals. C5i Upright Bike delivers an impact-free workout through its cutting-edge mechanical and material features.


Magnetic Resistance and Self Power Generating System

The C5i Upright exercise bike takes fitness to a whole new level. It offers an impressive level of exercise challenge to users with its 18lb flywheel that provides up to 16 resistance options. It’s self-power generating meaning you do not need power cables or batteries to power the console. The C5i allows you enough room to progress and reach your fitness goals without hassle.

Inbuilt Fitness Exercise Programs

No matter your level of fitness or endurance capacity, you can use the easy exercise programs on the C5i console to meet your health and fitness goals. Just select one of the pre-created programs (4 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 34 preset programs) and go.


All the programs are highly effective in enhancing users’ fitness levels and helping you to achieve your goals faster.

Transport Wheels and Sturdy Stands

The C5i Upright Bike is a very sturdy, weighing up to 45kg after assembly. Its stable legs keep the entire structure balanced on the floor while you ride, preventing any form of wobbling movement as you exercise. No matter how hard or how long you pedal, the C5i is built for durability and comfort. Even more, it has 2 rear wheels to enable users to transport it from place to place without needing extra help. Its superior mechanical and material features guarantee durability and value over time.

Accurate Console With Innovative Functions

The one-of-a-kind multi-color display screen fitted into the C5i gives users a complete view of their progress with personal data sharing options. You can also take advantage of the 34 different fitness programs available on the console to push your limits and build endurance through the various resistance options. The multi-color display monitor shows important fitness metrics such as program name, calories, heart rate, RPM, speed, and watts. It’s easy to use with soft-touch keys that give you complete control of its operations.

Compact Design with Inbuilt Features

Unlike most bikes in the market, the C5i exercise bike is portable enough to fit into any small space. It comes fitted with a multi-grip handles, adjustable cushioned seats, and self-balancing pedals that provide a satisfying training experience. It has a lightweight design yet can carry weights of up to 400lbs. All the features built into the C5i offers users maximum comfort and functionality as they workout. In fact, this stationary bike is one that’s sure to improve your workout lifestyle and position you to reach your body fitness goals.

Sharing and Connectivity

The C5i Upright Bike features Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to transfer their fitness results to other devices. You can also transfer your data to your favorite fitness apps such as Apple Health and Google Fit using the Lifespan active Trac App.

It’s also compatible with tablets and heart rate monitors that deliver a more goal-oriented physical training.

Product Overview


Ideal For
Low impact workout
Not recommended for rider over 400lbs


Assembled Dimensions
L 103 x W 71 x H 144 cm
45 kg
Space Saving Feature
Compact design
2 rear-mounted wheels, Light weight


Console display
Multi-color LCD display, interactive Touchscreen console
Console data
Exercise program, date and time, workout time, calories, rotations per minute (RPM), distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level, watts
Exercise programs
4 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 34 preset programs (10 weight management, 10 ‘Healthy Living’ programs, 14 Sports training programs)
Quick change resistance buttons
4 Quickset buttons to set the resistance level
Preset program buttons
5 Quickset buttons to set the exercise programs
Resistance Type
Mechanical Features
Resistance system: Magnetic - Eddy Current; Industrial Bearing; Self-Generating Power System
Tablet compatible, bluetooth connectivity, heart rate monitor
Device Holder


Use: Home use; Frame: Lifetime; Parts: 5 years; Labor: 2 years; Safety certifications: CE certified
Maintenance Requirements
Regular Inspection and cleaning
Service & Repairs
Fitness Town Service offers experienced maintenance and repairs for this product

Compatible Apps


Detailed Specifications

Shipping Dimensions
L 78cm x W 38cm x H 89cm
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Fitness Town chose LifeSpan because of our aligned values around breaking down the barriers to movement, their quality product and their upstanding service. LifeSpan is dedicated to benefiting the way people work, exercise, and live in sustainable, healthy ways. Their quality products and innovative vision have inspired fitness and wellness as a way of everyday life since the brand was introduced in 2001. By specializing in solutions created uniquely for the home, gym, workplace, and everywhere in between, LifeSpan is helping to empower individuals to find better health regardless of the setting.

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Buyer’s Guide

Why you should bring Cardio Equipment home?

  • 4-season / 24HR training safely – No limitations or concerns due to weather or time-of-day
  •  Reduced or controlled impact for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Steady/safe/controlled terrain for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Health benefits of cardio exercise equipment include: improved heart/cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, helps to regulate blood sugar, can reduce asthma symptoms, can reduce chronic pain, can aid in sleep, increases daily caloric burn to reduce fat, can strengthen the immune system, shown to boost your mood, contributes to a reduced risk of falls.


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