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HOIST CF-3165 Super Flat/ Incline/ Decline Fitness Bench

HOIST CF-3165 Super Flat/ Incline/ Decline Fitness Bench

High quality, heavy-duty, adjustable weight bench. With the efficiency of 3 weight benches in one, target more muscles and maximize the space in your home gym.

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The Super Flat/Incline/Decline bench from Hoist is effectively three benches in one. High-quality and heavy-duty, this weight bench has seven back pads and five-seat adjustable positions to comfortably accommodate a variety of athletes. Flat, incline, and decline options help you more specifically target muscle groups during your workout. The multi-functional design of this 3-in-1 bench allows you to maximize the space in your home gym. And the integrated hand grip and wheels make it easy to move the weight bench around so that you can save every last drop of energy for your next sweat session. Note: The blue padding is custom and is an extra cost. A normal bench typically will have gray padding.


HOIST® CF-3165 Super Flat/ Incline/ Decline Fitness Bench Incredible Versatility

Incredible Versatility

The Hoist Super Flat/Incline/Decline bench offers incredible versatility to accommodate any athlete. With seven back pad positions adjusting from -15°, 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 80°, you can attack your chest from every angle on flat, incline, or decline bench exercises. On top of that, the seat adjusts easily with gas-shock assistance into five different seat positions to fit varying user heights.

HOIST® CF-3165 Super Flat: Incline: Decline Fitness Bench-Secure, Self-Aligning Roller Pads

Secure, Self-Aligning Roller Pads

No more slipping and sliding while trying to hit your new PR. The safe and secure self-aligning roller pads on the Hoist Super C-3165 provide ultimate leg support during exercises.

HOIST® CF-3165 Super Flat: Incline: Decline Fitness Bench-Tilt n Roll

Tilt ‘n Roll

The Hoist Super Weight Bench has an integrated, easy-to-grip handle and wheels for a quick tilt ‘n roll movement.

Feature Overflow

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane covers for back pad adjusters to reduce wear
  • Heavy-duty, accommodates weight up to 1,000 lbs.

Product Overview


Ideal For
Perfect for all fitness levels and anyone looking to maximize space in their home gym with a 3-in-1 bench. This heavy-duty bench is sturdy and supports weights up to 1,000lbs. Great for anyone looking for a multi-functional adjustable weight bench.
Not suited for weights heavier than 1,000 lbs.


Assembled Dimensions
57” L x 33” W x 20” H
121 lbs
Features an integrated handle and wheels for easy portability and storage.


Adjustability / Adjustable Positions
Seven back pad positions adjust from -15°, 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 80° to accommodate flat, incline and decline bench exercises • Gas-shock assisted seat easily adjusts into five seat positions for varying user heights
Material & Finishing
Steel and Polyurethane covers on pads
Available upgrades, add-ons, attachments


Some assembly required.
Frame: Lifetime Moving Parts: 5 years Paint, Cables & Upholstery: 1 Year
Maintenance Requirements
Clean upholstery and frame weekly.
Service & Repairs
Fitness Town Service offers experienced maintenance and repairs for this product

Detailed Specifications

Product Width
Product Height
Product Length
Machine Weight
121 lbs.
Maximum Weight
1000 lbs.
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Fitness Town chose HOIST because they design equipment that allows our customers to bring the commercial gym experience home, providing the feel and features you love for smaller spaces. We are an exclusive distributor of HOIST in the Greater Vancouver area and are proud to be Canada’s #1 Commercial Distributor of HOIST products in 2018. We are proud to partner with a brand that stands behind its products with a 10-year warranty on almost all their premium strength products and the LeMond series exercise bikes. HOIST makes it a priority to provide distinctive equipment that emphasizes natural body motion to produce maximum results.

Buyer’s Guide

Why you should bring Strength Equipment home?

  • Strength Equipment brings gym training home, offering weighted push and pull exercises in a broad range of motion
  • A common myth is that strength equipment is for young people, body builders, or people serious about sculpting their bodies through muscle growth. Though strength training can be used for those purposes, it’s primarily designed to support the body’s functional abilities
  • Moving weight (pushing, pulling, lifting, etc.) plays a critical role in maintaining our body’s functional abilities (bone density, mobility, balance, strength, endurance, etc.) and optimal body composition (fat vs. muscle)
  • Increasing muscle mass will increase your total daily energy used (calories) which contributes to fat loss. In other words, it’s strength and not just cardio that helps you lose fat.
  • The Strength Equipment category of fitness equipment does require some square footage, though we carry a broad range of configurations and sizes that will surprise you with their ability to offer a full-body strength routine in a more compact space. It is considered by some to be less intimidating and possibly safer or more controlled than using free-weights
  • If Strength Equipment isn’t going to fit in your space, it’s important to look at Free Weights and Accessories that provide push and pull resistance.

Buying a Bench

Fitness Town has curated a range of quality benches that pass various tests from our team of experts. After decades in the fitness industry, we’ve developed a good understanding of your needs, regardless of age or fitness level. We consider everything like industry standards, diverse physical statures, and training requirements and goals. When you buy a product from Fitness Town, you can feel confident knowing that it lives up to our high standards. All that’s left is finding the perfect match for you.

Here are some things to consider when comparing our benches:

  • What are your training goals? Fitness Town carries benches in several categories including flat weight benches, preacher curl benches, abdominal benches, Olympic benches, and adjustable and folding benches. Narrowing down how you’re going to train and what body parts you want to target will help you decide on the perfect bench for your goals. If you want a bench to help you target your arms, check out our preacher curl benches. If you want a versatile bench that you can swap between flat and incline, an adjustable bench is the one for you.
  • Your environment: Account for the available space when purchasing your bench. If space is limited, consider one of our folding options that you can tuck away in between uses. Otherwise, choose a standalone bench if you have a dedicated space and plan to do some heavy-duty lifting.
  • Weight limit: Manufacturers post maximum weight limits to keep you safe. It’s important that your bench is stable when you exercise and doesn’t shift or wobble. Review the weight limit of your equipment to minimize the risk of injury. Be sure to take both your weight and any extra you’ll be lifting into account.
  • Extra accessories: As you grow in your fitness journey, you’ll want to add more equipment to your arsenal. Before purchasing, consider the upgrades or accessories that are available with your weight bench. Some options come with leg extension or preacher curl add-ons, easily turning your standalone bench into a full-body workout station!
  • Your height and width: If you’re looking to purchase a weight bench for bench pressing or other movements where you’ll be lying down, you’ll want to make sure you take your height and width into consideration. It’s important that your head and shoulder blades are supported during the lift to maintain proper form and reduce the risk of injury. Look for a standard pad width of 12” and try to avoid going below 10”.
  • Bench height: If you plan on doing bench presses, shoulder presses, or any other form of pressing, you’ll want your feet firmly planted on the floor during the exercise. If you’re on the shorter side, consider a bench that is 15-17” off the floor. 17-20”+ is better for taller athletes.
  • Durability: It’s important to factor in how many people will use your bench and how often it will get used. For regular use and heavy training, you’ll want to choose a bench made of sturdy materials with a heavy weight limit. Fitness Town carries a selection of commercial-grade benches that will live up to heavy abuse and help you chase your fitness goals.


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Fitness equipment is highly personal and studies show that the right fit has a big impact on your consistency, enjoyment, and success. The Fitness Town Difference is our commitment to fitting you with equipment that will go the distance. We want you to build an environment for fitness that removes barriers and makes it easier for you to move more, at any age and every stage. Let us help you discover what moves you.

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