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ARMAID Attachment

Customizable trigger point therapy for your forearms, wrists, hands, and elbow areas with interchangeable Armaid Roller Attachments.

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Armaid is specifically designed to work on tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the forearm, wrist, hand, and elbow areas. The new and improved Armaid design allows you to interchange these precision attachments so you can take your DIY active release and trigger point therapy to a whole new level with the perfect level of pressure and depth during your massage. Find your perfect fit and get relief with the Armaid attachment that’s right for you and your injury.


Armaid White Attachment

White Roller Attachment (Standard)

Are you just beginning your recovery journey? Then you’ll want to start with the White Roller. The white roller comes standard with the New & Improved ARMAID device. This roller is made of three 1″ hard plasticballs strung on a flexible rod. You’ll use it first for exploratory circular massage in your arm, to locate your trigger points. Then, using the center ball of the roller, you’ll apply focused pressure on those trigger points. The White Roller will get you going on a path to recovery and regular muscle maintenance.

Armaid Black Attachment

Black Roller Attachment

Do you have low muscle mass? Or are you suffering from forearm pump? Then you need a gentle roller that won’t exert too much pressure. The Black Roller is our softest roller and just right for these uses – its three 1″ foam pieces tenderly stroke your arm during circulatory massage or while removing excess cellular fluid (“pump”).

Armaid Yellow Attachment

Yellow Roller Attachment

Do you have trigger points that are just a bit too deep for your White Roller? Then you may want to switch up to the Yellow Roller. The slightly larger yellow ball in the center (1.25″) gives you a critical differential for digging down to trigger points in the middle layers of your arm muscles. And, just like the White roller, you can use it as a mainstay of your recovery journey for circulatory or trigger point massage therapy.

Armaid Orange Attachment

Orange Roller Attachment

Do you have above-average muscle mass and deep trigger points? Then you are a candidate for our most extreme roller, the Orange. Similar to a lacrosse ball – but better! – this 2.5″ ball hones right in on the trigger points buried way down in your muscles. And with the Armaid’s leverage-based design, you won’t exhaust your hands and arms trying to find and attend to them.

Armaid Grey Attachment

Grey Roller Attachment

Do you struggle with tendinitis in the bony wrist or elbow areas? Then it’s time to pull out the Grey Roller.Its three rubber 1″ balls are soft enough to give around bones and not be too hard on the thin sheathing around your tendons in the wrist and elbow. Of course, you can also use this attachment for your two standard therapies, circulatory massage and trigger point massage. Wear a thin long-sleeved shirt or lubricate your arms with massage oil when using this roller for the most comfortable experience

Armaid Trigger Point Therapy Step 1

Step 1: Locate the Sore Muscle

Roll over your arm muscles to identify tender zones to start the process of trigger point therapy.

*Armaid device sold separately from these attachments.

Armaid Trigger Point Therapy Step 2

Step 2: Apply and Maintain Pressure

After identifying a treatment area, place the center ball on the most painful spot and squeeze the handles, applying pressure to the muscle.

*Armaid device sold separately from these attachments.

Armaid Trigger Point Therapy Step 3

Step 3: Stretch Out the Tight Problem Areas

Keep maintaining pressure and begin stretching the muscle. You might be moving your hand if your sore spot is in your forearm. Or, you might be bending your elbow if the sore spot is in your upper arm. You’re now experiencing effective trigger point therapy and you’re in control.

*Armaid device sold separately from these attachments.

Introduction to the Armaid Roller

*Armaid device sold separately from these attachments.

How to install Armaid Rollers

*Armaid device sold separately from these attachments.

The Four Armaid Rollers

*Armaid device sold separately from these attachments.

3 Sport Massage Therapies

*Armaid device sold separately from these attachments.

Product Overview

Ideal Use

Ideal For
Ideal for anyone suffering from common sports injuries or muscle fatigue in their wrists, hands, and arms. The device enables DIY trigger point and active release therapy and the Armaid Attachements allow you to fine-tune different levels of pressure and depth of massage.
Small, compact, and portable accessory


Each Armaid Attachment provides a different form of precision trigger point and active release therapy. Purchase all the attachments for customizable DIY therapy.
Materials & Finishings
Foam & plastic

Equipment Ownership

Roller attachments are interchangeable and require assembly/installation. See 'How to Install the Roller Attachments' video in the FEATURES section.
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
Maintenance Requirements
Wipe rollers clean after use.

Detailed Specifications

1”-2.5” diameter
Material & Finishing
Foam and plastic
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
Country of Origin
Made in the USA
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The ArmAid brand was created by a Sports Massage Therapist working on professional athletes. Designed to help all athletes on their recovery journeys through trigger point therapy, ArmAid has become a popular essential for many who play sports or train in the gym. Fitness Town is proud to carry this unique brand of recovery tool that helps our customers with Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Tendinitis, and more so that they can continue to live active lifestyles, longer.

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