What Are the Common Types of Ellipticals?


It’s time to start putting in the work.The year has still only just started, so it’s time to get into the routine of things. Set goals for yourself to make your bed and find time to go to the gym every day.Motivating yourself to go to the gym every day can be difficult. Once you’re at the gym, you might be overwhelmed by all of the equipment to choose from. Where do you even get started?

A great place to start is the elliptical machine, but you should know there are several types of ellipticals you could run into. Keep reading for a quick guide on those below.

The Standard Elliptical Trainer

When someone mentally pictures elliptical types, this is typically the one that they picture. More often than not, you’ll see several of these in each gym.

A standard elliptical trainer has two main large pedals you’ll plant your feet on. As you stand upright on the pedals, you’ll see two handles in front of you. That’s where your hands go!

The handles on this type of elliptical don’t move, so you’ll be giving your lower body a major workout.


Do you want to get in an arm workout while you’re at it too? You’ll want to use a cross-trainer.

This type of elliptical takes it to the next level by having handles that do move. As you pedal with your legs, your arms will also move in and out. This helps strengthen your elbows and shoulders.

Elliptical Glider

For an awesome, low-impact workout, hop on an elliptical glider machine. Instead of a rounder motion in the pedals, a glider machine simply goes back and forth.

These machines are extremely straightforward and user-friendly, so it’s great for those who have no idea where to get started. Don’t forget to play around with the resistance for a harder workout!

Compact Ellipticals

Are you wanting to start working out at home? Do you want to keep more active even while sitting at a desk? Invest in a compact elliptical.

A compact elliptical is the smallest of your elliptical options. It features just the pedals. There are no handles or other fancy machinery parts.

Buy one of these to keep under your desk or by the couch. As you sit, you can freely pedal. It’s also great for those who are going through physical therapy and just need something small to strengthen their legs.

Get to Know the Gym: Types of Ellipticals

One of the most overwhelming feelings is walking into a gym and having no idea what any of the machines do or how they work. We are here to help by introducing the types of ellipticals above.

Ellipticals are great for low-impact and effective workouts. The most common type you’ll see are the standard elliptical trainers featuring moving pedals. Other types of ellipticals feature moving handles or no handles at all.

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