5 Quick Tips to Stay Motivated to Workout at Home


Knowing how to stay motivated to work out at home is the key to staying on track. With everything going on, it’s hard to stay focused and make time for yourself.To help get you back in the swing of things, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about how to stay motivated with at-home workouts. From scheduling time to finding the right equipment, here’s your go-to guide to working out at home.

1. Schedule a Workout Appointment

When you’re working out at home, it’s easy to skip a workout or change the time. To stop yourself from pushing it off, make a workout appointment. This should go in your calendar as any other meeting would.

Blocking off the time in your calendar will also prevent people from scheduling calls or other meetings. Your co-workers, family, and friends will see you have an appointment during this time.

If you have a shared calendar, you can call your workout whatever you’d like. You’ll know you have a standing date and time that’s designated for your workout.

2. Find Time to Workout On Your Time

Not everyone is motivated to work out at six in the morning. Some people prefer to work out in the afternoon or at lunchtime. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the time of your workout.

If you’re a morning person, use that to your advantage and get your workout out of the way. If you need something to look forward to after a long day at work, use this as your workout time. The amount of time you’re working out is more important than the time of day.

3. Make Your Workout a Ritual

Think of your workout as self-care and time for yourself. Make your workout a ritual. Listen to your favourite podcast, put on a workout playlist, or whatever you need to get you in the mood.

Post-workout, take a long hot shower, do some stretches, meditate, or go for a walk. The ritual of working out will become one of the times you look forward to the most.

4. Find a Variety of Workouts You Love

If you’re used to group fitness classes or using a trainer, finding a workout at home, you love just as much is key. Start by thinking of the equipment you use most at the gym. Think about what equipment you’d ideally love at home.

Next, think of a few ways to spice up your workout each week. Mix cardio with strength training and flexibility exercises, so you don’t get burned out. This will help keep things fresh and ensure you’re getting a wide range of physical activity.

From time to time, take your workouts outdoors or throw in some fitness videos. There are also a number of apps to use with different equipment that can give you the experience of a live coach and class.

5. Create a Designated Workout Space

Part of working out at home should include creating a designated workout space. This workout space could be an entire room or just a corner. It doesn’t have to be big and grand to keep you fit.

Find a place in your bedroom, living area, basement, or spare bedroom to use as a home gym. This could be as elaborate or as simple as you need. Just having a place to go will help you get in the right mindset to work out.

How to Stay Motivated to Workout at Home

Knowing how to stay motivated to work out at home is essential to creating a workout plan you can stick to. Some of the keys include creating a routine you look forward to and finding a time that’s just for you.

Instead of trying to fit a workout into your busy schedule, create your schedule around your workout. If working out in the morning is what feels best, do it in the morning. Try to make working out at home as easy and seamless as possible.

If you’re ready to transform your home workout space, start shopping here. Finding the equipment you love will keep you looking forward to your workout each day.


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