My “Learn to Run 10km” Experience on the Octane Zero Runner (Part 1)


Will the Zero Runner hold up throughout the program?

This spring, I have decided to complete a running program called “Learn to Run 10km” using the new Octane Zero Runner. Octane has put a tremendous amount of resources into their new running machine, which has been very popular on the sales floor at Fitness Town. Being a bigger guy myself and not really classifying myself as a “runner” per se, I plan to see if someone in my situation could use it regularly. Not only do I want to see how I could hold up personally, but I also want to test the machine and see if it can handle someone like me using it regularly as well. I started the program at 6’2” and about 285 lbs, so it should be a good test for both of us!


Learn to Run 10km

This program isn’t specifically for the Zero Runner; in fact, I have done this a few times outdoors and on treadmills over the past few years, but with varied levels of success. So what is this program, you ask? Well, it consists of 3 different interval runs a week, with each week being progressively more difficult until you are running 10+ km without any walking intervals. In the past, I have found the best success when following the prescribed schedule, as my body needs the days off in between to recuperate. I do not necessarily have joint pain at the time of running, but my experience has taught me that if I don’t take the downtime, I will regret it later the further I go into the program. If you want to try a similar program, I recommend not pushing yourself over the line and focusing on understanding your limits.

Octane Zero Runner Programs

So far, I am about ten days into the experiment and have almost completed three weeks of the running program! You may be thinking, how could he have done three weeks’ worth if he started only ten days ago? Well, this means that I have been running roughly five days a week for anywhere between 25-45 minutes at different levels of intensity. In a nutshell, I have been pushing myself harder than the program requires, putting me ahead of schedule. So far, I have found that I actually look forward to getting on the Zero Runner each morning, and I’m enjoying every stride. I have not yet explored the various programs that Octane provides, but the standard display shows several, including:

    • Elapsed time
    • Calories burnt
    • Distance Travelled
    • Stride length
    • Pace.

It’s a simple display that shows me all the information I need for this running program. I can also hold onto the sensors allowing the machine to display my heart rate on the console. If I want, I can also use a Polar heart rate monitor as they are compatible with the Zero Runner.

Specific & Significant Advantages

 Already, there have been some very noticeable muscular and endurance benefits, and by this, I mean not just for increasing my cardio workouts. I’ve found there have been some specific advantages to using the Zero Runner instead of a treadmill or running outside. One of the significant advantages of the Zero Runner is the development of the posterior muscle chain. When using a treadmill or even running outside, this will not activate the hamstring or glutes to the same degree as the Zero Runner. This is because the Zero Runner forces you to actively engage those muscles with every stride. Overall, I personally love the entire experience.

Continuing to Push Myself

Over the next couple of months, I will continue to give updates on my progress with both the program and Zero Runner itself.  I hope to be able to continue the aggressive schedule as well. Fingers crossed that it all goes well, and I’m in top shape in time for the 10km race season!




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