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WaterRower SmartRow App

WaterRower SmartRow App

High-tech powermeter wirelessly connects to your smartphone/tablet capturing absolute force of each stroke. Industry-leading SmartRow App tracks workout performance and essential fitness stats. Ships free with purchase of a WaterRower machine.

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Turn your standard WaterRowing session into an interactive experience with SmartRow. Through the innovative True Performance sensor, the absolute force of each stroke is captured, ensuring the most accurate ergometer measurement of any Rowing Machine. This high-tech powermeter wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet to capture essential fitness metrics like power-curve, heart rate, and stroke length. The industry-leading SmartRow App allows you to track workout performance and analyze data to improve technique and achieve your fitness goals faster. From the comfort of your home, you can take on new challenges and compete against your fellow WaterRower friends with SmartRow.


Accurately Track Your Workouts

Unlike a poweremeter on a bike, SmartRow is the first self-calibrated power meter used in a rowing machine. The electronics inside the SmartRow-pulley use sensors to measure force and displacement and automatically calculate all the important rowing data. From there it continuously updates this data on the SmartRow App, turning your WaterRower into a proven lab-grade ergometer.

Compete Against Friends

The SmartRow takes your interactive rowing experience to a whole new level. The innovating tracking tool captures and stores your rowing data in the SmartRow app where you can compare performance data with fellow WaterRower owners from the comfort of your own home. Challenge your teammate to an all-out 2K, or create your own motivation by racing against the pace boat to set a new PR.

Improve Technique And Track Your Progress

The SmartRow app offers several metrics that you can display to help you improve your rowing technique. Display the force curve and see it drawn immediately after each stroke, showing you the force against the stroke length – aka your power output! Keep track of your progress in the SmartRow app which saves all your workouts, personal records, and fitness-variables.

Product Overview


Ideal For
Ideal for anyone with a wooden WaterRower that is looking to take their interactive rowing experience to the next level. Beginners and pros can improve technique, track essential fitness stats like heart rate and stroke power, and compete online with friends with SmartRow.
Must have Android or IOS 10.0 or higher


Console Features
SmartRow App displays fitness metrics like power-curve, heart rate, and stroke length.
Bluetooth connectivity for heart rate monitoring.Heart rate monitoring straps sold separately.


Assembly required.
3-year limited warranty.
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Fitness Town chose Water Rower because of their dedication to manufacturing fitness equipment that is both stylish and built to last, while maintaining their commitment to environmental sustainability. Water Rowing machines are made using only the finest sustainable hardwood from replenishable sources. They are functional fitness furniture, designed to be displayed proudly in your home and not hidden away. They can be stored in an upright position no wider than a dining room chair, making them the perfect piece of equipment for a compact living environment.

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  • Steady/safe/controlled terrain for injured, recovering, or aging bodies
  • Health benefits of cardio exercise equipment include: improved heart/cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, helps to regulate blood sugar, can reduce asthma symptoms, can reduce chronic pain, can aid in sleep, increases daily caloric burn to reduce fat, can strengthen the immune system, shown to boost your mood, contributes to a reduced risk of falls.



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