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RumbleRoller 12” Textured Roller end

RumbleRoller 12” Textured Roller

This compact RumbleRoller 12” Textured Roller helps to relieve muscle soreness, tightness, and aid recovery. Specially designed with firm, raised bumps, this roller mimics the fingers of a skilled masseuse, providing the benefits of a therapeutic deep-tissue massage at home.

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Discover the benefits of self-massage. After a rigorous workout, use the RumbleRoller to alleviate muscle tightness and reduce soreness. Rolling out your muscles can help in lactic acid dispersion, which often contributes to post-exercise soreness. Starting your day with a 10-minute roll can help awaken your muscles, improve circulation, and prepare your body for the day ahead, while a gentle session before bed can relax tense muscles, promoting better sleep. Got a knot or a tight spot? Place the roller under the targeted area and gently apply pressure, rolling back and forth. For deeper tissues, such as hip flexors or piriformis, consider using the roller in a seated position for better leverage. Regular use can also aid in increasing your flexibility and range of motion, by releasing muscle tightness and breaking up fascial adhesions. For best results, roll each muscle group for about 60 seconds, adjusting the pressure based on your comfort level. If you're new to deep-tissue massage, start with lighter pressure and gradually increase as your muscles adapt.


Diagram showing how RumbleRoller works.

Unique Bumpy Design

The distinct raised patterns are not just for aesthetics. They’re scientifically designed to knead and manipulate muscle tissues, simulating the actions of a deep tissue massage. This innovative design helps to break up knots, increase blood flow, and stretch tight fascia.

Rumbleroller being used on skin.

Durable Construction

Made with high-quality materials that ensure longevity and consistent performance. This roller won’t lose its shape even after repeated use.

Targeting different muscle groups.

Target different muscle groups with a single tool:

  • Quadriceps
  • IT Band
  • Glutes
  • Lower Back

Product Overview

Available in 3 Lengths and 2 Levels of Firmness

X-Firm (Black)
Original (Blue)
Full Size – 31"
Mid Size – 22"
Compact – 12" (this item)


Smaller 12” size is ideal to take with you on the go.
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Fitness Town chose RumbleRoller because of their high standards in creating quality products and customer service. RumbleRoller was born out of a desire to overcome training injuries and massage deeper muscle tissue that could not be reached by conventional foam rollers. After over two decades of researching and experimenting, the RumbleRoller is now distributed in over 40 countries.

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