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GoFit 9' Pro Cable Jump Rope

GoFit 9' Pro Cable Jump Rope

Deluxe jump rope with padded foam grips, coated steel pro foot rope, and ball bearing movement for smooth rotation, perfect for cardio or endurance workout.

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This ultra-durable GoFit 9' Pro Cable Rope was engineered for the perfect control, speed, and whip level to increase your overall cardio fitness level in as little time as possible. It comes with handles to help prevent arm discomfort while soothing your palms for the best ergonomic training experience. Its unique Racquet Tape Handles provide a superior Grip that smoothly matches your fitness efficiency. The precision ball bearings movement on this jump rope offers you slick functionality which provides incredible results and feedback. Jump your way to a healthier body with the comfy and efficient GoFit Pro Cable Rope!



Superior Grip

Make your workout fun, safe, and injury-free with the racquet tape handles designed for comfortable traction like no other. This high-quality material instantly gives your palm a great feeling and inspires you for the best training experience. No matter how long you hit your HIIT, the GoFit Pro Rope handles help you focus and keep your head in the game as your grip is continually reinforced. You need not worry about getting sweaty palms while hitting your full range of motion or damage if they are dropped. You get the incredible tackiness, superior moisture absorption, and durability you need for genuinely exceptional cardio training.

  • Racquet tape handles

Coated Alloy Steel Cable Rope

The GoFit 9’ Pro Cable Rope features a coated alloy steel material that offers a cost-effective solution to your cardio workouts continuity. Built for longevity, this cable rope combines the best of quality, performance and design to give you a less-frustrating workout solution that works across a range of applications. Its coated steel protective covering is specially-engineered to provide you a fail-proof and durable training tool that puts up with your most challenging workout routine.


Greater Flexibility

With this high-performance jump rope, you get to swing right into the action with more than enough freedom for rapid jumping and high rpm. Its innovative build ensures the GoFit Pro Cable Rope does not tangle as you swing through your reps, giving you the optimized cardio training you need to pound those calories.


Compact & Portable Design

With a fusion of its custom-built feature and convenience, this GoFit 9’ Pro Cable Rope gives you an all-around phenomenal proficiency that allows you to enjoy a perfect workout even while on the go. Generically designed for all fitness levels, this jump rope pushes advanced athletes to challenge themselves further while helping newer athletes boost efficiency and get their skip timing right. Portable and convenient, you can easily throw the GoFit 9’ Pro Cable Rope into any bag to keep crushing your fitness goal, wherever you are.


Long skipping rope

This Cable Rope is a classic workout tool with a 9 feet long length to accommodate any height, leaving you no excuse to boost your overall fitness and endurance. No matter your height or size, the GoFit Pro Cable Rope is specially-designed to offer a perfect jump rope balance and coordination that matches your HIIT needs.

GoFit-GFI-PCR9-Pro-Cable-Rope-Long skipping rope

Commercial Grade

Value at its finest! The GoFit Pro Cable Rope is a commercial-grade skipping rope that offers you a high-quality workout with a high-performance guarantee. This cable rope’s commercial-grade quality makes it quintessential for MMA training, Crossfit training, Bodybuilding, and other cardio exercises. With its ultra-durability feature, this spectacular training tool that packs a punch offers you an efficient jumping system you can use extensively, working better for longer even when in constant use.

Product Overview


Ideal For
Ideal for unisex athletes who want to burn calories and boost overall fitness.
Not recommended for use on rough surfaces.


274.32 (108”) x 3.81 (1.5”) x 3.81 (1.5”) cm; 200 Grams
Packable for travel?


Tech Features
Material & Finishing
Alloy Steel
Gear Specs


No installation required
Maintenance Requirements
Occasionally add a drop of oil on the ball bearing to prevent rusting and smooth rotation. Jump on smooth surfaces. Clean with a clean cloth after use. Coil your rope properly after use.
Service & Repairs
Fitness town services does not offer experienced maintenance and repairs for this product.

Compatible Apps

Detailed Specifications

Shipping Dimensions
8.94” L x 6.81” W x 1.85” H
1.36 Kilograms
Handle Design
Racquet Taped Handles
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