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Fitness Town Weighted Bar

This weighted bar offers a user-friendly entry point to strength training. Start with lighter weights and progressively increase as you build strength and confidence. It's an excellent tool for cross-training and improving functional strength.

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Available in weights ranging from 6lb to 25lb, the Fitness Town Weighted bar is a versatile tool to increase the intensity of a wide range of exercises, including squats, lunges, curls, and more. Target different muscle groups and engage in full-body workouts that promote strength, flexibility, and endurance. Gradually increase the challenge as you grow stronger and more resilient.


Easy Grip

Padded rubber bar coating helps you maintain a firm grip on the bar as you move through your reps.

Colour-Coded Endcaps

Different colours help you easily identify the different bar weights.

Quality Construction

Evenly distributed weight along the 48” length of the solid steel bar provides balance and stability.

Product Overview


Ideal for
Getting started with free weights, refining form and technique before progressing to barbells and plates. Strength and flexibility training.
Not for use with weight plates.


1.2" - 1.8"
Solid steel with foam rubber coating

Fitness Town carries a selection of quality, affordable home gym equipment under the house brand name. Sourced from reputable manufacturers around the world, Fitness Town brand products are carefully selected to meet industry standard requirements for safety, quality, and performance. From free weights to recovery tools and accessories, Fitness Town is proud to offer home gym equipment that helps people move more.

Buyer’s Guide

Why you should bring Free Weight Equipment home?

  • A common myth is that free weights are for young people, body builders, or people serious about sculpting their bodies through muscle growth. Though free weights can be used for those purposes, weight training is for everyone and is critical in supporting the body’s functional abilities.
  • Moving weight (pushing, pulling, lifting, etc.) plays a critical role in maintaining our body’s functional abilities (bone density, mobility, balance, strength, endurance, etc.) and optimal body composition (fat vs. muscle).
  • Increasing muscle mass will increase your total daily energy used (calories) which contributes to fat loss. In other words, it’s strength and not just cardio that helps you lose fat.
  • Free weights offer maximum exercise flexibility – there are limitless ways to push and pull a free weight to promote strength and health. However, some knowledge or guidance is required in order to optimize your movements for effectiveness and safety.
  • Free weights offer resistance training in smaller spaces than strength equipment. A few free weights in the right range is all many will need to meet their training needs. There are even adjustable options for a wider weight range in smaller spaces.
  • Free weights are generally portable and storable – use them in any room of the house or take them to your favourite outdoor space.
  • If you are intimidated by Free Weights, check out our Strength Equipment options or resistance training Accessories.


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Expert Guidance To Help You Choose

Fitness equipment is highly personal and studies show that the right fit has a big impact on your consistency, enjoyment, and success. The Fitness Town Difference is our commitment to fitting you with equipment that will go the distance. We want you to build an environment for fitness that removes barriers and makes it easier for you to move more, at any age and every stage. Let us help you discover what moves you.

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