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Duraball Pro Exercise Ball medium
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Duraball Pro Exercise Ball

This premium exercise ball promises a combination of durability, balance, and versatility. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, the DuraBall Pro will help you achieve your fitness goals. Ideal for home workouts or gym sessions.

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Made with high-quality materials to resist wear and tear, the Duraball Pro will be your long-lasting workout companion. Its unique texture offers a non-slip surface, providing optimal grip during intense workouts. Suitable for a wide range of exercises: Core Strengthening: Perform exercises such as planks, ball passes, or Russian twists. These exercises will engage multiple core muscles, enhancing stability and posture. Pilates & Yoga: Enhance your poses and stretches by using the DuraBall Pro. Its instability can increase muscle engagement, offering a deeper stretch and improved balance. Strength Training: Use the DuraBall Pro for squats, push-ups, or even wall sits. The unstable surface will require additional muscle recruitment, making exercises more challenging and effective. Flexibility: Use the ball for back extensions or deep stretches. This will aid in increasing your range of motion and alleviate muscle tension. Rehabilitation: Recovering from an injury? The DuraBall Pro is excellent for low-impact exercises, helping in strengthening weakened muscles without causing strain. Desk Workers: Replace your regular chair with the DuraBall Pro to engage your core muscles while working, improving posture and reducing back pain. Always ensure the ball is fully inflated and used on a flat, non-slippery surface. Start with basic exercises before progressing to more advanced movements.

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Latex (Rubber), BPA & Phthalate Free
Made in Australia
Test inflated for your safety

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