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Century® Wavemaster Freestanding Punch Bag

Century Black Wavemaster Freestanding Punch Bag

Experience the sensation of sparring with a real opponent. The Wavemaster simulates the movement and rebound of a live partner, providing a more realistic and engaging training session.

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Crafted in sleek black, the Century Wavemaster Freestanding Punch Bag not only exudes style but is engineered for durability and performance. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the most powerful kicks and punches. Perfect for a variety of martial arts disciplines, including kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, and more.


Adjustable Height

Achieve the perfect training position with the Wavemaster’s adjustable height feature. Whether you’re practicing high kicks or low strikes, customize the bag’s height with seven height adjustments from 47 inches to 68 inches to suit your individual needs.

Stability Redefined

The WaveMaster boasts a sturdy base that can be filled with water or sand. When filled, the base weighs 270lb, keeping it firmly in place during training. If you need to relocate your Wavemaster, simply drain the base and move it around.

Detailed Specifications

Height Adjustment
47" to 68"
Bag Dimensions
13" Diameter x 26" Tall Striking Surface
Base Dimensions
24" Diameter x 19.5" Tall
One-year warranty
Bag Material
High-density foam, vinyl outer cover


Century Martial Arts has grown to be a trusted world leader of martial arts equipment since their beginnings in 1976. Century has designed some of the best known and most iconic pieces of martial arts gear, like the Wavemaster®, the original freestanding training bag, and the BOB® body opponent bag. If you’re looking for martial arts equipment for training at home, look no further than this ‘martial artist tested and approved’ brand made in the USA, available at Fitness Town.


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