Yoga Mat Shopping 101

No matter if you are an experienced yoga teacher or a home-based yogic mom, one of the ultimate tools for your yoga practice is a yoga mat.

Why is a Yoga Mat so important?

First of all, the reason why a yoga mat is such an important accessory to your exercise is because it will support and steady your poses. When properly designed, it’ll lie on the floor beautifully without any wrinkles on top of the mat. If you are serious about yoga, it is worth investing in a quality yoga mat because it will last longer, and allow you to perform yoga poses better.  A high quality mat will help you to smoothly change your leg positions, steady your palm, or comfortably stay a “Half Moon Posture” without worrying about slippage.

Yoga Mat Thickness

Secondly, take into consideration that the thickness of the mat might help you. Do you have any concerns about a new physical pain or a neck pain? A thicker mat should be able to support you with enough of a softened effect to better protect any recent or recurring physical problems. Make sure the mat is soft enough to counter the hardness of the floor, yet firm enough to provide the right balance to your postures.

Yoga Mat Length & Shape

The length and shape of the mat is also important. It is nice to have extra room to move and perform poses correctly. Some users may prefer a tapered style to their mat, as this will allow for extra room for varying range of motion. Stripes for body alignment on the surface of the mat will assist the user to perform poses correctly. A sticky surface on the underside of the mat will help to prevent slippage while moving and changing poses.

To lengthen the life of a yoga mat, it is best to keep it guarded and away from dust by always storing it in a yoga mat bag and to cleanse it once in a while. During your practice, you will likely lose hair and oils from your body. To maintain the mat clean, you can simply use a recycled rag and a mild soap to clean your favourite mat.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your yoga mat, so choose wisely.



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