Workplace Fitness: Where do you even begin?!

Working out at work

I know what you are thinking, “How am I supposed to workout at work? My office doesn’t have a gym and I work the typical 9 to 5 desk job”.

Chances are your self-described typical 9 to 5 involves a lot of sitting, or slouching at your desk while you hammer away on a  keyboard writing e-mails and talking on the phone. Trust me, I can relate. We aren’t exactly riding spin bikes in our offices or holding meetings in the squat rack.

That being said, I do have access to a row of treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, spin bikes, functional trainers, squat racks, benches, barbells,

dumbbells, kettlebells, and not to mention a fully stocked Crossfit gym. Unless my fellow employees are reading this, chances are you don’t have any of that at your work. And if you do? That’s great! Use it! But if you don’t, fitness in the workplace presents a challenge.

So how do you fit fitness into your typical 9 to 5?


1. Take the Stairs

Cliche, I know. But I still see people taking the elevator to only go up a few floors.

Tip: Work on the 20th floor? Take the elevator halfway and then hit the stairs.


2. Coffee Moving Breaks

Yes, the coffee in the break room is free. But the pot was brewed at 8am, and for the last 2 hours nobody was bold enough to take the the last cup, so it’s now 10am and the coffee is far from fresh – it’s cold and gross. You don’t want it.

It will cost you an extra buck or two, but find a coffee shop a few blocks from the office, walk and get some fresh air!

Tip: Plan for a 5 minute walk there and back to the coffee shop – employers don’t like late employees. 🙂



3. Bathroom Breaks

If you are coffee drinking and water guzzling fiend like myself, chances are you go the bathroom quite often. Good thing there is a bathroom about 5 feet from my office door, right? WRONG. I started using the upstairs bathroom. Those extra steps and stairs don’t seem like much, but a few times a day, 5x time a week, it will add up – apply the same to your workplace.



4. Stretch Your Legs

Take a lap around the office, go for a walk around the block, take that next conference call on-the-go, just do something.  Think about it – how many hours of the day are you sitting?

Tip: Use a timer: every 2 hours, get up!



5. Find Create Time to Workout:

Before, during or after the office. It doesn’t matter – don’t find the time, create it. Maybe you don’t have the flexibility in your job to take an hour off in the middle of the day, maybe you can’t come in early, or stay later, I get it but that isn’t an excuse.

Did you know that according to our latest Ipsos Reid Poll:

63% of working respondents answered that they would like or already have access to fitness facilities at or near their workplace. Is your employer doing their part?

Best case scenario, your workplace has fitness facilities (and you use them). But maybe your workplace doesn’t? What then? Call our Commercial Division.Tip: There are plenty of equipment options that can be used on-the go, in your office and at home so not having a gym at work isn’t an excuse!

The bottom line is to move throughout the day. We are spending upwards of 8 hours a day at the office and we need to utilize this time to effectively use and move our bodies. Combing an active working day with a short high-intensity workout and reaching your activity goal for the day will be easy!


Always Keep Moving



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