Working out with an injury or two.

So it’s been a few weeks since my last post.  My arm is still playing up and it seems I need surgery to correct a dislocated radius bone in my right arm.  It’s been depressing watching my clothes get baggy and my belly getting larger over the last few weeks.  It’s amazing how fast you can get out of shape.

I can now relate to people who haven’t worked out for an excess amount of time due to an injury, and can see hand’s on how easy it is to slip into the world of becoming another North American statistic of one of those people stacking on more than 10lbs of fat a year.  I think in 3 weeks of not being able to work out I have put on 3% body fat.  It doesn’t sound like much, but multipy that by 6 months and I’m sure you can picture where I’ll be at unless I do something, and something fast.  Physically I am more tired, I have less energy and actually feel lethargic.

Because of this I have started slowly working out the last few days.  I don’t think you would understand how much pain I go through every rep I squeeze out when the tendon catches on my right radius bone… not nice I tell you.  I have a feeling I’m probably making it worse, but until I can get it fixed I’m not prepared to just sit back and let nature take it’s toll.

I want to make it clear, I am not recommending anyone workout with an injury.  If injured, consult you’re doctor immediately.

At the same time I’m wining about how much it hurts me to do a simple bicep curl, I think to myself, hang on, I have one arm that’s working, a knee that needs complete rebuilding, and 2 cracked vertebrae that will never heal but I’m still doing my thing.  I don’t ever want to hear an excuse from someone telling me they can’t workout.  There is always something you can do. 

Not long ago, I was playing rugby in front of crowds of 35,000+ people and running 100m times of 10.8 so trust me, I think I know better than any of you how much it hurts to be injured and not being able to do the things you love everyday like going for a run, playing tennis or even running across the street to avoid being hit by cars.

As a personal trainer I obviously know what I can and can’t do for workouts and can get creative to keep me generally fit.  I know I will never be the athlete I was before getting injured, but at least I can stay relatively fit for the rest of my life as long as I keep active in some sort of physical activity.

I can understand the general public may think once a serious injury happens that that is it for them in terms or leading an active life style.  There is still tons of stuff you can do to stay fit and I think I am a good example fo that.  All it takes is some will power and a little effort to get up off the couch.  If unsure what you can do, find a decent certified personal trainer and sit down with them and tell them you’re goals and talk them through your injury.  See if they can offer a solution for you.  You’ll be surprised I’m sure. 

If you suffer from a long term injury and are unsure what to do, drop by the Langley Fitness Town location and come see me.  I can sit down with you, access what type of equipment you will be able to use safely and effectively so you too can stay healthy and enjoy the benefits that come with living a healthier life style.  Or if you prefer, write me on here with any questions you have about working out with an injury.

Yours in fitness


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