Why Try the Kettlebell Workout?

So what is a Kettlebell and why is it so popular? We get this question all the time!

First of all Kettlebells are named very appropriately. They are a large cast iron ball shaped weight with a single handle. It resembles a cannon with a handle. It is used to perform many types of exercises ranging from weight lifting to power training exercises that combine cardio, strength and flexibility training.


It’s not a dumbbell!

Unlike dumbbells, a kettlebell’s centre of mass is extended beyond the hand. It facilitates a swing motion that enables wrist, arm and core strengthening. Since the weight of a kettlebell is not distributed evenly, it provides an unstable force for handling which is key to the effectiveness of kettlebell exercises.


Benefits of Kettlebell exercises

Kettlebell exercises build strength and endurance particularly in the lower back, legs, shoulders, and increase grip strength. The basic movements engage the whole body at once and mimic real world activities such as shovelling. In essence Kettlebells are a great tool to facilitate a holistic workout that benefits all the muscle groups at the same time. Since there is a lot of repetition in the strength and flexibility movements, it’s also becomes a great cardio workout!


How to get started with a Kettlebell


Kettlebells can be used by men and women of all fitness levels. Just make sure you use the correct weight to avoid injuries. At Fitness Town we carry Kettlebells ranging from 6 kgs to 48 kgs; and offer a instructional book by GoFit called Kettlebells: Butts and Gluts.  Our in-store fitness experts are always on hand to give you a demo of various Kettlebell exercises as well. Just drop in to a Fitness Town store near you!


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