Why Choose a WaterRower?

Is Regular Cardio Enough?

Over the past several decades, a misconception has been established around the idea that cardio training is the best fat burning method. Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, has definitely earned its place as one of the key components to any successful exercise regime. However, it should be noted that cardio training should be utilized along with other forms of exercise to achieve the maximum amount of benefits to one’s overall health, well-being and physique.

No doubt cardio training has great advantages, such as reduced risk of heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and can result in positive impacts on your mental health. However, it is important to pair a significant amount of aerobic training with strength training to help you achieve better results, in a shorter period of time, and in a way that is sustainable for the long-term. Strength training will help your body maintain muscle mass which will boost your resting metabolic rate. This means that your fat to lean body tissue ratio will move in a positive direction.

Performing cardio and strength workouts concurrently with one another is the ideal approach to take, however doing both separately can take a lot of time out of your day often making you choose one over the other.

Insert the WaterRower into your life and watch these troubles float away! With the WaterRower there is no need to worry about doing cardio and strength training on their own. It is the perfect combination of both!


How Does the WaterRower Achieve Better Results?

The WaterRower utilizes almost all of your body’s muscle mass to execute the rowing motion, to execute the rowing motion especially working on your core. This means that your entire body will be worked and strengthened at once, resulting in the best full-body, fat-burning and muscle strengthening fitness tool you can use. Unlike many other exercise machines, the WaterRower is joint friendly. This is because the rowing movement moves the joints through their full range of motion, with minimal impact and zero weight-bearing on the joints. This increases joint mobility while also reducing likelihood of injury to joints such as the ankles, knees and hips. This happens by giving the control of power generation to the user, instead of simply being dependent on their size and weight.

Due to the user applying their entire body to row, they will burn more calories because they will not have to reach as high of an intensity, unlike machines focused on fewer muscle groups. In fact, we’ve found that WaterRower Rowing Machines burn the most calories per unit of time out of any cardio machine. The user is also generating the power to drive the machine, again resulting in more calories burned, and a higher work output achieved.


More than Just another Machine

On top of developing great strength and cardiovascular stamina, the WaterRower has the added advantage of being a smooth and elegant piece of exercise equipment. This is accomplished through its sleek wooden make, and of course, the water! By utilizing its unique WaterFlywheel, the WaterRower only generates a mild level of noise. Since there is no solid connection between the user and the moving water, there is far less of a mechanical feel, and a higher amount of “give” while pulling on it. This softens any jerky movements occurring, allowing for smoother performance and reducing the risk of injury through poor technique. Lastly, the amount of work you apply determines the speed at which you row. Through the use of water drag, the higher power output you can produce and maintain the more resistance is implemented. This means the harder and faster you can row, the more power you will generate. You are the engine. From an all-out workout, to an easy paddle, it is dependent on your desired intensity.


WaterRower: Defining Efficiency and Class

The WaterRower is also the perfect fitness product to maintain a refined, in-home state of style. The wooden build preserves a natural feel to any living area without having the equipment stand out. And it has one of the smallest footprints of any piece on the market. Light-weight, and easy to store, WaterRower’s are an excellent machine to add into your fitness lifestyle.

By implementing WaterRower’s combination of cardiovascular and strength training, you will optimally burn fat and develop healthy, lean body tissue, thus leading to better physical and mental health benefits, and improving one’s overall state of living.


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