Why Buy a WaterRower?

WaterRower Buying Guide

First off, when buying a rowing machine or any piece of cardio equipment, you need find the right piece of equipment for your needs and goals.

A good quality, indoor rowing machine will provide:

1. A complete full body, cardiovasicular workout.
2. Rowing is great example of a low impact cardio so your workout will be easy on your knees, ankles and joints!
3. The flexibility to accommodate a competitive athlete right down to a beginner just starting a training program.

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Rowers come in all shapes and sizes. Resistance is the main difference between them as some offer magnetic, air, or water resistance systems.

Popularized by Frank Underwood from House of Cards, the WaterRower has emerged as the new kid on the block. The WaterRower is made of wood, and just like the name indicates, it uses water as its resistance system.

Fitness Town carries a wide-range of WaterRowers including the A1 Home, Club, Oxbridge and Classic models.

So, why buy a WaterRower?

When comparing the WaterRower to a conventional indoor rowing machine:

  • Smaller in size than most rowers.
  • Made of wood, meaning it is very environmental.
  • Easy on the eyes. At Fitness Town, we like to call it fitness furniture. It will look great in your living room, or any room for that matter because it doesn’t stand out like an eye sore.
  • Fitness equipment is designed to mirror our natural movements but in the privacy of our home. Therefore using water as the resistance makes perfect sense! If you close your eyes while using the WaterRower, you may just believe that you are rowing down a river or across a lake!
  • Extremely low maintenance! Just add a chlorine tablet to the water tank twice a year.

The WateRower is a smooth, quiet, and durable indoor rowing machine that offers a great workout. If you get a chance, come to any of our 8 locations in the Lower Mainland and Alberta to try one out, you will be glad you did!

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