Why Are Massage Guns So Popular?


Whether you’re a fan of the spin bike or rowing machine or love weight training, one of the most important parts of any workout involves stretching. Doing so helps keep muscles flexible and healthy. But it’s not the only way to take good care of those fibres.So, what are some other ways to show your muscles some love while you rest? One option that’s often overlooked is massage guns. There’s some misplaced criticism in the world of exercise, and if you’re skeptical, you might want to reconsider.

The benefits of massage guns can greatly improve not only your workout experience but also your overall quality of life. If you’re curious as to why they’re so great and have other questions like “are massage guns good for back pain,” consider reading ahead!

How Massage Guns Work

Self-care has spiked in popularity as of late, and massage guns are part of that sudden growth. They can help a lot, even with their simple design. So, how do they work?

They have a handle, body, and extension with a soft end along the body. Some have a cable for power, while others use batteries. In terms of function, when you turn one on, it pushes the extension in and out, following a rhythmic pattern. This allows the user to apply bursts of pressure to muscles, also known as vibration therapy.

The Benefits of Massage Guns

Fitness is about a lot more than just the workout itself. Diet and self-care play a major role, as well. That’s where massage guns come in. First and foremost, they can help with all muscle groups, including those involved when using a spin bike, rowing machine, treadmill, and even weight training.

Benefits come in the form of an improved range of motion. However, they can also relieve post-workout pains and aches, as well. In regards to muscle recovery, the results are somewhat shaky. There’s no evidence that they help recovery, but massage guns do improve blood flow. Whether there’s a placebo effect or not, it’s hard to push back against the fact that more blood flow usually correlates with improved recovery.

Massage Gun Disadvantages

The cons regarding massage guns are directly related to user error. There are situations where they can do more harm than good, but that’s something the user can control. The disadvantages are completely avoidable, though. One way to avoid them is by consulting with a physician to fully understand how to use them properly!

Massage Guns: Popular for Good Reason

Massage guns, when used properly, are a great addition to any fitness plan. While the evidence is shaky when it comes to muscle recovery, the pain relief and improved range of motion are more than enough reasons to get your hands on the best massage gun you can find.

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