What’s Better? Upright vs Recumbent Bikes

The holidays are fast approaching and now is the perfect time to buy that exercise bike you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, an exercise bike can keep you healthy and fit throughout the year. Some shoppers have a hard time deciding between an upright vs recumbent bike. What’s the difference? Which should they buy?

Keep reading below if you want to learn the difference between a recumbent vs upright bike. And which one is right for you.   

Benefits of the Recumbent Bike 

  • You’ve probably seen a recumbent bike in the gym. These are indoor, stationary bikes where people are sitting back. They may look easy but you can turn up the resistance to make it harder on your legs.
  • Why would anyone use a recumbent bike vs upright bike? They’re a better choice for people with joint problems, back issues, or those who recently experienced a leg injury. 
  • Riders on a recumbent bike can work their glutes or hamstrings more without straining their backs or hips. It’s not difficult to get a good work out on one of these bikes and burn calories. 


Benefits of the Upright Bike

  • In this style of bike, riders are sitting upright and have the ability to stand as they pedal. 
  • Although upright bikes aren’t as gentle as recumbents, they do engage more muscles: abs, glutes, lower back, shoulder, neck, and arms. 
  • More calories are also burned on an upright bike. The downside is you are more susceptible to injury if you have an underlying issue. 
  • Upright bikes are perfect for cyclists training for competitions because the movements are so similar to outdoor bikes. They’ve become popular in fitness circles. 


Upright vs Recumbent Bikes: How Do You Choose?

So how do you choose between recumbent vs upright stationary bike? Selecting the right bike for your home gym can be challenging. You want a good workout but you also want to stay safe. 

When it comes time to decide what type of bike to buy, you should consider what you like and what your body can handle.

First, would you rather have an intense upright ride or be able to read a magazine while pedalling? After that, think about your fitness level. Are you dealing with any injuries? Are you new to exercise? 

How you answer these questions will help you decide which bike to choose from. Remember, there is no right answer here. The importance is your safety and comfort. 

If you’re unsure how to proceed, speak to a certified personal trainer or physical therapist.  

Start Shopping for Exercise Bikes

Now that you know the difference between upright vs recumbent bikes you can start shopping for different brands. Speak with a fitness expert and do some research ahead of time. Better yet, visit a showroom or gym and try out both bikes. 
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