What Is a Functional Trainer? A Basic Guide

What Is a Functional Trainer? A Basic Guide

Functional training involves exercises that make your whole body’s movements easier. This means easier motion in your day-to-day living, recreation, and sport—hence the term “functional”. It works to coordinate and train your body’s movement patterns for better overall fitness.

Want to get started? The best way is with a functional trainer!

But if you’ve never heard of this equipment, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you should know.

What Is a Functional Trainer?

Functional trainers are the ultimate exercise machine. Designed to offer countless exercise possibilities instead of one single workout, this kind of equipment can keep your workout routine dynamic and interesting.

Like traditional training, functional trainers are good for strength training and come with weight stacks.

However, functional trainers include cable or pulley systems that end in handles. You’ll also find that many products come with thick or thin pulleys, wrist or ankle cuffs, and other attachments to customize your routine.

By pulling the cable system in different ways and with different muscle groups, you can implement any kind of routine you desire.

For example, a golfer might use the cables to practice a stronger swing. A baseball player might practice a movement similar to a throwing motion.

In addition, functional trainer exercises can also mimic free weight exercises. This can help patients who are recuperating after an injury by allowing them to regain strength in specific muscle groups.

What Is a Functional Trainer vs. a Home Gym?

Luckily, functional trainers and home gyms aren’t two separate categories!

If you’re designing a home gym, you may be thinking mostly of traditional equipment. This may include kettlebells, barbells, punching bags, rowing machines, or resistance bands. However, a functional gym is a great stand-in for much of this traditional exercise equipment, and it often comes at a lower price point than buying a complete set of brand-new equipment for a home gym!

On the other hand, if your goal is to isolate specific muscles rather than dynamic muscle groups and movements, you may want to opt for traditional equipment instead. Functional training is designed to get multiple muscles moving in tandem, rather than maximizing load to a single area.

In addition, a functional trainer is based on strength exercises and may not replace the cardio you’d expect from treadmills or exercise bikes. If you’re hoping for a home gym that offers cardio workouts as well, you’ll still need to find additional equipment that works for you.

Upgrade Your Workout Today

Thinking about taking your exercise routine to the next level? With a functional trainer, you’ll have the option to customize your workout in any way you choose, creating endless opportunities for increased strength. 

At Fitness Town, we offer a number of functional trainers designed to fit any home workout. Check out our products to find one that works for your strength training needs!

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