Travel Roller vs. Regular Foam Roller

I love foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, or trigger point therapy, whatever you wanna call it.  It makes me feel better and makes me more mobile.  I often get stiff and tight after hard workout sessions, and if it wasn’t for my travel roller, I would probably recover a lot slower, my muscles would be tight and it would lead to orthopedic problems later on in life.

I have taught my clients how to use the foam roller to treat problems such as tennis elbow, patellar tendon syndrome, IT band syndrome, and even alleviate headaches and various muscle spasms!  Needless to say, foam rolling is beneficial for everyone, the only question remains is why you would need a better quality foam roller like the Travel Roller, here are the differences between the Travel Roller and a regular foam roller.

Travel Roller

– made from truly earth-friendly TPE foam that is no-PVC, no_BPA, no-rubber material and in fact the ORIGINAL ‘revolutionary’ dual density foam roller.

– Ergonomically correct to fit all users under 6’4″ in height.  This is very important, as most competing products and even ‘normal’ foam rollers are far too big for people shorter than 6’4″.  The rollers need to ‘fit’ into the tissues and joints of the body in the ergonomically correct fashion.  The Travel Roller has been specifically designed with this in mind.  If you are 6’5″ or taller then I recommend you get the Travel Roller XL.  Aspects like the cervical vertebrae of the neck and thoracic vertebrae of the upper back are treated properly on the ergonomically correct Travel Roller design

– Double foam layers that do not use adhesives to make for the ultimate earth friendly design and each layer can be removed to allow you to select Hard of Soft ‘settings’.  Users can effectively treat the smallest and largest areas of their body as they see fit.  Effectively and efficiently getting into all the tiny areas of the calves and quads without multiple tools or ‘blocks’ to position things on etc.  One roller to effectively treat fascia of the entire body.  Replaceable foam coverings, so when the foam expires it can be replaced.

– 3 different density massage balls within acupressure kit allows users every type of trigger point release through out the body. (only available in the Travel Roller Acupressure Kit)

– Travel Roller truly does not deform of lose its compression/shape/feel as the foam is a true closed cell foam.  We use the same foam on the Travel Roller that Lululemon or similar very earth conscious company uses on there ECO-yoga mats.  Regular foam rollers soften considerably with use and this is a big difference with body rollers, users need the rollers to stay consistent over every session of rolling so they can develop the correct awareness of what is tight and how things are changing in their bodies.  If the roller they are using is changing then they will be wasting their time rolling as they are only softening a foam roller instead of loosening their muscles, and need to get a Travel Roller.

– Travel Roller is truly designed for traveling as it is only 13″ long and 4″ in diameter.  Add the hollow storage area filled with a users iPod, wallet, or other massage tools and you can understand why the Travel Roller goes everywhere.

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