Top 10 Reasons to workout as a couple

With Valentine’s day but a few days away, this post seemed aptly timed. For all the single ladies and gents out there, you can always work out with a friend just as easily but for the couples out here, these are the top reasons why you should encourage your plus one to workout with you.

1. It gets you in the mood. Exercise is a great way to increase circulation and flow which are some pretty important factors when it comes to sex. Working out can also increase your confidence and make you feel much more like partaking in the deed. There is also something very attractive about people working out. Starting with a vertical workout can often lead to a horizontal workout which is another bonus of having a home gym – should you be so lucky!

2. It makes you workout harder. Couples can often be a little competitive or at least want to show off, this can be a great way to encourage you to exert yourself a little more than you normally would.

3. The price is right. Some classes offer couples rates and splitting the cost of home equipment between 2 is much better than 1.

4. It holds you accountable. If you and your significant other make plans to workout it is much harder to back out of. Schedule your weekly workouts in advance to ensure that you do them.

5. You can teach each other new things. It is likely that you both bring different exercise knowledge to the table. By teaching each other new moves, you can have a more diverse and varied workout which will allow you to continue enjoying your workout and creates a better environment for building muscle.

6. It makes you happy. A great time to workout together is when you are stressed or even fighting as a couple. The release offered by exercise and the creation of endorphins will leave you in a much better mood and a better space to discuss any issues that may need addressing.

7. You live longer = more years together. Working out has been proven to reduce the risk of many illnesses and diseases. It also improves brain function so you can stay on top of everything and live a longer healthier life together.

8. You get sick less. Hate looking like a hot mess with a red runny nose and puffy eyes? Don’t feel as confident when your stomach is making noises that shouldn’t come from a stomach? It is scientifically proven that people who exercise get sick less and that means you don’t need to worry about feeling gross. It also means you don’t have to be the mom to your significant other and clean up dirty tissues, make soup and go to the drug store.

9. You can enjoy the rewards together. Make a deal that after X amount of workouts (or any other predetermined goal milestone) you can enjoy a fun date night together or maybe go on a vacation (even a weekend or a 1 one night get away). Rewards work for individuals and they certainly apply as a couple.

10. It’s just more fun. Working out with someone is just always more fun. Whether it be a hike, a walk on the seawall, a circuit at home or a yoga class – having someone else there to share it with is just better.FTfinalwhitebg-13

So this Valentine’s day remember to say:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I want to be active
Just me and you


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