Top 10 Must Have Items for the Crossfit Lover!

As a Crossfit athletes, I am always looking for products that can improve my performance. If I can train harder, I will have an edge on my competitors. I always come across new prototypes that I think would be very cool to add to my arsenal of equipment. Fat bars, chalk, and Cramer tape are specialty products that can intensify your training and enhance your game. However, If I were to outfit my garage gym or if I was starting a small Crossfit studio, I would be looking at products that would give me the most bang for my buck. Sure, having Squat cages, atlas stones, chains, and Zephyrs would be awesome but these are commodity items, something I would get after I have all the essentials. If I were to start with a list of 10 “must have” items, this is what I would start with.

1. Rogue Games Box
Talk about bang for your buck, this plyo box replaces 3 plyo-boxes as it gives me the option to use 20″,24″, and 30″ boxes all simply by turning the box over to a different side. What an ingenious idea!

2. 24KG Kettlebell
Gotta go with a 1.5 pood Canadian Kettlebell to work my posterior chain power in KB swings, single arm snatches and cleans, and Turkish Get-ups to work shoulder girdle and trunk stability and hip mobility.

3. Strength Bands
These bands are so versatile, I use them everyday to work on mobility and stretching and it can also be used to add resistance to your bench press, back squat, and deadlifts.

4. Rogue S3 Squat Stand
In terms of value, this this the best value squat stand that I could get. I could use this for pull-ups, squats and bench pressing.

5. Rogue Bar
A good olympic barbell is a must have for any Crossfitter, but not any olympic bar would work. You need a durable one that allows for dropping for all your cleans, jerks, and snatches. I find that this bar is the most versatile for a combination of power lifts and olympic lifts.

6. Hi-Temp Plates
The perfect compliment to my olympic bar. These plates allow for maximum absorption when dropped and are the most economical.

7. Full Bsc Outfit
If you want to improve your Fran or Cindy time, and if you want to increase your recovery on rest days, you gotta wear these. They come in long sleeve and short sleeve tops, full quad shorts, pants, and socks.

8. Inov8 shoes.
If you want to run naturally and more efficiently, you need a good minimalist shoe. A shoe that doesn’t provide too much cushioning and one that contours to your foot perfectly. The inov8s are light and has a outsole that is perfect for trail runs and any kind of terrain runs. I like them better than Nike Frees and Vibrams. This is the perfect Crossfit shoe!

9. Gymnastic Rings
This is the perfect product to work on your bodyweight movements and progressions. Not only can you do ring dips and muscle-ups as part of a WOD. You can also work in some more gymnastic specific stuff like front levers, back levers, ring holds, ring supports, straight and bent arm progressions as well.

10. Travel Roller
Not just for Crossfit but for every athlete and everyone in general. The travel roller is great for loosening up those muscle knots, breaking down adhesions, and improving flexibility. Without recovery and regeneration, you’re going to be putting significant wear and tear on your body which will eventually lead to injury.

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