The Zero Runner – A New Way to Run

Blue FT Glyph - 1200x1200 - no back.pngHi! My name is Jordyn and I am one of the Sales Associates at Fitness
Town. I have worked at Fitness Town for a year and half now and enjoy
the experience of being a part of the fitness industry. One of the
things I love about my job is that I get the opportunity to try out new
fitness equipment in the store and try different workouts. One machine I
was introduced to when I started working here was the Octane Fitness ZeroRunner. From the first moment I tried the Zero Runner I loved it and it
has become one of my favourite cardio pieces to train on.

At a
young age I tore the ligaments in my knee and ended up having 3 knee
surgeries before I was 19. I played basketball competitively at the
University of Victoria but after a few more incidents to my knee I
retired my shoes. After the trauma to my knee, I find it very hard to run
outside or on treadmills for more than 20 or 30 minutes due to
the amount of impact that is placed on my knee. The pain I feel in my
knee will usually persist for the rest of the day and into the next.
Being in pain while running caused me to hate running. It was the last
thing I wanted to do and I would have to convince myself to go for a
run. This really frustrated me because there is nothing quite like
running to get the blood pumping, heart rate up, 
work your leg
muscles and engage your core. It is hard to replicate 
the same benefits
of running when using an elliptical or bike, any runners will tell you
“it’s just not the same.” The Zero Runner has changed the way I train
because it has allowed me to run again but with no impact. Without the
strain or stress placed on my joints I can run without experiencing pain
during, after or the next day. I try to use the Zero Runner 2-3 times a
week as part of my cardio workout routine.



During my time with Fitness
Town I have had the opportunity to work with one of Octane’s in house
Zero Runner experts Larry Schmidt, who is an avid runner and has
competed in a variety of marathon runs throughout the USA. Larry is well
connected in the marathon community and through his help and Octane Fitness’s belief in zero impact running we have seen many long-time
outdoor half and full marathon runners embrace the Zero Runner as a
training tool. Many marathon athletes have adopted zero running as part
of their regular routine to a) help with form improvement, b) recovery
days, and c) cross training workout days. Some have incorporated zero
running into their long run days and will do the last bit of their
training on the Zero Runner when they are feeling fatigued and therefore
more prone to injury and improper form.

You can learn more about
Larry’s story and journey with the Octane Zero Runner here:

Zero Runner is a great machine and has lots of features that aren’t
found in other fitness equipment. First off, I love that it actually
feels like I’m running compared to other machines that try to mimic
running, such as elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and tread climbers. One of the best things about the Zero Runner is that it
accommodates a variety of different running styles, stride lengths, and
forms. You don’t have to fit the machine, the Zero Runner fits to YOU! I
have very long legs and when I run on the Zero Runner I usually run
between 50”-58” stride length, whereas on an elliptical my stride length
would be maxed out at 27”, which is a huge difference. Why there is
such a big difference in stride length is due to Octane ingeniously
incorporating a mechanical knee joint into the machine. This knee joint
moves like your own knee and allows you to go through a range that feels
most comfortable for you. Due to the design of the Zero Runner, when
you run on it, it feels like you are suspended in the air. I love this
feeling and have noticed after using it many times that I am engaging my
core and hip flexors more in order to maintain my balance.
has also implemented a heel lift activation in the machine that helps
take you through a full rotation and results in you almost kicking your
butt. The heel lift activation results in greater utilization of your
hamstring and glute muscles versus primarily using your quad muscles.
Another cool feature with the Zero Runner is that you can see what your
stride looks like by connecting to Octane Fitness’s app. It shows you
your stride height and length and what changes occur during each step
you take. The Zero Runner 8 (ZR8) shows both legs allowing you to see any
discrepancies between your left and right side, which is perfect for the
runner who wants to work on perfecting their form.

If you love
to run but have knee problems, achy joints, or just don’t like running
outside or on treadmills the Zero Runner would be the perfect fit for



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