The Rumble Roller: Get your roll on

The RumbleRoller Manipulates Soft Tissue – Like a Massage Therapist!

The surface of the RumbleRoller contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist.

As you roll over the top of the RumbleRoller, the bumps continuously knead the contours of your body, gently stretching soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in multiple directions. This action erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain. By design, the RumbleRoller’s bumps are firmer than muscle tissue, but much softer than bone, so they deflect out of the way if they contact your spine or other bony protrusions.

Through simple techniques, you can control the amount of pressure the bumps apply to your body. The bumps are closely spaced to one another (< 2″ apart), so several of them simultaneously contact your body during most exercises. However, with a slight shift of your body, you can reduce your area of contact with the RumbleRoller, which increases pressure and provides deeper, more penetrating relief.


Common Foam Rollers Compress Soft Tissue

Physical therapists,  trainers, and athletes use foam rollers to relieve muscular pain and tightness (often called “adhesions”, “knots”, or “trigger points”). But conventional foam rollers have smooth surfaces that further compress soft tissue. Rolling on top of them improves blood flow and tissue flexibility, but the effect is limited and relatively superficial, unless you spend a lot of time rolling.  The RumbleRoller was created to perform this therapy more effectively.


Understanding Myofascial Release

The RumbleRoller is used for myofascial release, a type of massage that focuses on correcting restrictions of movement. “Myo” is Greek for muscle, and “fascia” is the thin sheath of silvery connective tissue that envelops the outer surface of each of your muscles.

Injuries, repetitive motion, or even prolonged inactivity can lead to the development of trigger points, which are localized areas of muscle and fascia with compromised function. Professional massage is the best way to counter this problem, but few people can afford to employ it as often as it’s needed. The RumbleRoller provides you with a more convenient and economical self-treatment option.


Rolling Tips

Although the movements below are called “exercises”, you should focus on relaxing your muscles, not flexing them. Perform each exercise slowly and deliberately. As you roll over a muscle, note any area that feels unusually dense or tender (i.e. a trigger point). Pause at that point for several seconds and/or use a small rocking motion to allow your RumbleRoller’s bumps to sink in deeply. Gradually, the muscle will begin to loosen and the pain will begin to dissipate.

It’s not necessary to do every exercise shown. For best results, focus on the exercises that provide you with the most relief and do them consistently. If you’re an office worker, that might mean rolling your back for a few minutes each night to help reverse the damage caused by slumping in a chair all day. If you’re a runner, it might mean rolling your glutes, IT bands, and calves after each run to improve recovery.

There’s no right or wrong time for rolling. Many athletes use the RumbleRoller to loosen up their bodies immediately before training or competing. Other people keep it at home and roll at night while they watch TV.

Here are four important RumbleRoller tips:

  1. Be Selective: Don’t perform every roller exercise known to man. Instead, pick a choice few that best prepare you for your day’s training or address a weakness. That makes the greatest impact on your performance with the least impact on your time.
  2. Be Creative: Foam rolling with your feet isn’t exactly a traditional foam roller exercises, but it’s one that some like for conditioning their feet and waking up their nervous system prior to performing more technical lifts like the snatch.
  3. Be Consistent: It’s recommended to do a few minutes of rolling as part of the warm-up for every training session. To perform optimally, you have to be consistent about addressing soft tissue dysfunction.
  4. Slow Down: Understand that less movement can be more productive. You’re not rolling dough, you’re releasing trigger points, which takes a concentrated pressure on the muscle over an extended time. So slow down and let the RumbleRoller’s bumps sink in as deeply as possible.

Before You Begin:

Below are basic instructions for some of the most common foam roller exercises. For more advanced or individualized instruction, please consult an experienced physical therapist or trainer.

All of the exercises can be done with either the full size RumbleRoller (as shown) or the Compact RumbleRoller. Note, however, that when using the Compact RumbleRoller, you will need to perform some of the lower body exercises (e.g. Quadriceps, Hamstrings) one leg at a time.

Start slowly:  It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on an exercise, and it’s not necessary to count repetitions. Your goal is simply to increase the suppleness of each muscle. Some exercises will be surprisingly painful the first time you try them, but that may simply be an indication that you have a lot to gain from that exercise. Within a few weeks, the quality of your muscle tissue will improve, and those same exercises will become much more enjoyable.

Still not convinced that the RumbleRoller is the best roller in the marketplace?  Don’t take my word for it, check out these Rumble Roller reviews and testimonials.

Below are comments from athletes, trainers, and physical therapists:

“As a specialist in pain management & rehab medicine, an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, and an international lecturer on functional movement strength & conditioning, I’ve seen no shortage of pain relief devices come across my path and my desk. While it can be said that many such devices are helpful if used within the proper context, I’ve seen very few devices or training tools that impressed me nearly as much as the Rumble Roller.”

“When I first saw the Rumble Roller on, the device looked downright medieval and too painful to apply for self-myofascial release (SMFR) protocols. Yet, upon trying it, I was pleasantly surprised at how the rubber nubs felt more like the fingers of a trained soft-tissue therapist – not too rigid to be uncomfortable, and not too soft to lack effectiveness. The staggered layout of the nubs allow for side-to-side rolling to be
more effective as well. Instead of being limited to a long-axis rolling application, the Rumble Roller allows for tremendous therapeutic benefit for areas that are usually too delicate or too narrow to access with a traditional roller.”

“I have introduced the Rumble Roller to clients, colleagues, students, and patients across the world to great acclaim and look forward to seeing it more widely distributed internationally in the years to come!”

Dr. Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., FMS, RKC TL, Chief Instructor – Kettlebells of Los Angeles, Clinic Director – Chung Hua Institute

“It’s been pretty popular with our athletes and staff.”

Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS, President and Co-founder, Cressey Performance

I just got my Rumble Roller today and I love it. I like it much more than traditional foam rollers for SMR purposes.”

Bret Contreras, CSCS, a.k.a. The Glute Guy

“I have just purchased your product and am in love with it!  I have used foam rollers for over ten years and have never had such a great response from one. The design is brilliant, the material is brilliant and the final product works like magic!”

Mark Reifkind, Master RKC Instructor, Girya Kettlebell Training

“YOU’RE SO RIGHT about it obliterating the QL’s — I have a ‘spot’ on the right side that it hits hard – GREAT!”

Tom Seabourne, Ph.D., Professor of Exercise Science

“I just received the Rumble Roller, did a session with it, and compared to the foam rollers I’ve used, including the new textured roller by Trigger Point…I LOVE the Rumble Roller.”

Ben Greenfield, CSCS, 2008 Personal Trainer of the Year

“It’s a great product.”

Mary Thode, DPT, Founder, Vertex Physical Therapy

“I found it very helpful for my lower and upper back, it hits a few spots that the normal foam roller cannot contact. It was SO tough on my IT bands so I’ll have to work into that one.”

Callie Durbrow, CSCS*D, USAW Sports Performance Coach

“The Rumble Roller is awesome for this and by far the best type of roller I’ve ever used.”

Dave Tate, Founder and CEO, Elite Fitness Systems

“I am a huge fan and several of my friends have purchased the roller also.  I have some significant SI, back, hamstring issues – and currently use both a tennis and softball, but once you’ve rumbled, its just not the same.”

Donna Rice, triathlete

“The rumble roller is one of the best investments for my back I have made. The quality & feel is un-matched!”

Greg Zook, Owner, Zook Studios

“I’ve had good feedback from guys that have used it within the training centre where I work. The majority of guys like it and use it as an alternative to the regular roll.”

Dr. Ryan J. Hoover, BSc, DC, CSCS, ART Provider, Back & Body Health

“I’ve been using a foam roller to roll out my back, IT bands, calves, and just about every part of my body after a solid CrossFit workout but nothing has compared to this. My  CrossFit gym has been carrying this for a short while now and I think it’s one of the most effective rollers out there… it hurts like hell to roll on it but works like magic. I ran just over 6000m of hill repeats the other day and my knees were killing me. I knew if I didn’t do something I’d be crippled for a few days and the eccentric load on the joints was a bit much. Paul, the owner of CF Colosseum suggested I try this roller… so I did.  No pain the next day! My knees felt great!!”

Joanna Zdrojewska, personal trainer

“Good for the quads and ITB and Thoracic spine.”

Scott van Niekerk, PT, Wholistic Physical Therapy

“Yes, I know it looks like a torture device. But just find one and lie on it. Your body will thank you.”

Jennifer Stahl, Editor, Pointe Magazine


Shawn Phillips, Founder and CEO, Full Strength Nutrition

MobilityWOD Episode 206/365

Kelly Starrett, DPT authors this popular blog, which provides daily tips on improving
mobility. In this episode, he gushes over the RumbleRoller:


RumbleRoller Review

Perry Nickelston, DC of the Pain Laser Center is an expert in myofascial therapy. Here are his thoughts on the RumbleRoller:

RumbleRolling Your IT Bands

Dave Holmes is a Canadian physical therapist with a passion for cycling. In this video, he talks about his use of the RumbleRoller:


RumbleRoller for Recovery and Injury Prevention

Darrell Wesh discusses the importance of recovery and his experience with the RumbleRoller:

“Every athlete envisions days of stardom and brilliance, days where all the hard work and fortitude finally piece together to fruition. Ask any athlete the key to physical success and the answer’s almost guaranteed to be ‘hard work’. The question has almost become rhetorical because even the upper echelon athletes stand by such a verdict and little else. Unfortunately, your body can only be pushed to its limits for oh so long.”

“Injury is often the byproduct of ‘hard work’ gone unchecked. Yes, checked. What athletes fail to fathom is that the role of recovery is just as important as the role of training. You break your muscles down then you rebuild. It’s a simple process that
becomes increasingly complex when you add nasty variables like adhesions and trigger points to the mix. Without proper recovery protocol, performance-inhibiting lesions develop within the musculature. These barriers impede proper blood flow and contractile ability causing the muscles to fatigue quicker, recover slower and just plain perform worse. You know the best option is a deep tissue massage to work the knots out. But if you plan on working hard every day how can you afford such a procedure daily? Thankfully, that’s where the Rumble Roller comes into the equation.”

“The Rumble Roller is a foam roller with a demonic appearance like that of a torture device. It has many little raised ‘bumps’ along its surface that makes rolling look dreadfully uninviting. In fact, it most resembles the design of a muscle recovery product called the Muscletrac, albeit on steroids. I had been looking for a long time for a foam rolling product with that ‘penetrative bump’ design and I had finally found it. The
problem with most stick rollers is their limited use. Upper body exercises with them for self myofascial release plain and simply sucks. You can’t efficiently target the lumbar region, the lats, the neck, the traps or anywhere effectively for that matter.”

“As an elite track and field sprinter I came in with the knowledge that all your muscles work together as a whole system. Biomechanically, if one part failed then another
part (muscle) would compensate for that one’s short-givings and then that particular muscle would become overworked and another would have to overcompensate. This chain reaction would happen gradually if recovery was overlooked; it would creep up on the athlete until injury ultimately occurred.”

“That is why even utilizing the best ‘stick roller’ products I still felt them vastly inadequate in my endeavors for full body recovery. The Rumble Roller has successfully satisfied that aim and has become the foundation for my recovery efforts. I can
effectively target and isolate any part of my body that I want. It works magic for hip flexor tightness, especially for the gluteus medius which chronically gets tight and has the hamstrings overcompensating for it (hint: That’s probably the reason your hamstring is tight!)”

“I worked my lats for the first time with this by rolling underneath my armpits and was surprised as to how tender the muscle was and how trigger point riddled they had become due to years of neglect. Even my pecs (yes I rolled those too) were astonishingly painful as well as my lower back. The bumps are rigid enough to dig deep into the meat of the muscle and seem to erase the pain felt in just moments. The addition of the technique
of ‘rocking’ side to side adds a whole dimension of agonizing goodness to the mix. Much like cross fiber friction massage this technique really gets in deep and erodes those knots that an ‘up and down’ motion can’t fix. It’s painful… very painful, but once you do it a few times it becomes your favorite part of the day. It’s almost too easy to get carried away because the results are so amazing. I spend AT LEAST an hour rocking and rolling away every other day just to make sure my muscles are clean and knot free. The threat of injury has become laughable now, even in a high risk event such as sprinting.”

“I no longer feel heavy or tight anymore. Ever. Even with the stick roller products I would get tight. It seemed like they were more for treatment and never prevention because they simply could not get to those other muscles to fix my biomechanics.”

“There are few things that can triumph over this product in terms of aiding in physical endeavors. It seriously kicks any recovery supplements butt despite being a totally different category of aid. You can feel free to push it in practice knowing Rumble Roller is always there to help you recover AND prevent injury. That’s just something a recovery mix can’t do. Instead of spending money on powders or pills promising insane recovery acceleration, spend it on something that actually works first.”

“I have heard comments about how this product is better than a professional massage.  Sure I’ve gotten them before, deep tissue and the works. The comparison between self myofascial release with the Rumble Roller and professional massage is laughable though.  This thing could put masseurs out of business easy. The paramount reason being is that it’s YOU who’s giving yourself the massage… You know where it hurts and you can feel the
trigger points and knots a heck of a lot better than any therapist. It helps that it’s a one-time purchase as well. Did I mention that the Rumble Roller is one hell of a sturdy product? It can handle a lot of weight, much more than conventional foam rollers and it doesn’t lose its shape or hardness.”

“In short, I am in love with this product. I was always a believer when I first laid eyes on it. I have the Muscletrac and that had been my pride and joy for quite some time.  The Rumble Roller is like the big brother of that-hell-the Dad. It has almost rendered
it-and all other stick roller products-obsolete, the only advantage being their portability. Regardless, I wouldn’t hesitate to try and stuff this in my bag during any travels I may take.”

“I believe with this product… STI has created an inexpensive tool that brings the benefits of professional massage to the average athlete without compromise. If everyone were educated on myofascial release and its effects governing biomechanics, then there would be a phenomenal drop in injuries… because everyone would have the Rumble Roller.  It is truly something that no serious athlete should be without.”

“All massage products are rated in comparison to a professional massage. If there was a score higher than a 10 then the Rumble Roller would get it.”

Darrell Wesh, HS National Champion at 60m, Gatorade 2010 VA Athlete of the Year, D1 Track and Field Athlete

Edge the Weimaraner on the RumbleRoller

Dogs are often attracted to the RumbleRoller (a new chew toy?!), so we
normally recommend storing it out of their reach. There are exceptions, though. Edge is
obviously a very smart dog. 🙂

“I thought I would share this with you. My dog is an athlete (hunting, agility, rally obedience, etc.) and he is used to his regular chiro adjustments and massages. He is very good at knowing what he needs. Well, he has been watching me use the rumble roller and we had a long day at a trial this weekend and when I used it, he decided to join me. I thought it was so cute I went to get the camera and he stayed on it. He knew it would help him! He actually stayed on it for quite awhile.

Additional RumbleRoller Reviews

The following excerpts are from RumbleRoller reviews and discussions on
other websites: American Council on Exercise (ACE)  > EditorsReview: RumbleRoller

Editor’s rating: 5/5 stars

“All models of the RumbleRoller were very easy to use as they rolled well and had a good surface for massaging the muscle tissue. We found the blue model a good density for most people and the black model useful for someone with deep tissue soreness and adhesions.”  more…

JP Fitness Forums > Super Foam Roller… Or Super Waste of Money?

“If I were in charge of their marketing and website, I would advertise how
INCREDIBLY effective the Rumble Roller is at fixing tight hip flexors. It took me only 1–2 weeks of daily usage to finally, finally, finally loosen them up, and for me, that is worth the price of this product alone.”  more…

JP Fitness Forums > I <3 my rumble roller

“Its a roller with spikes on it and it is way better than a regular foam roller –
gets to the muscle easier and gets rid of the knott/tenderness/achyness/burn (whatever you want to call it).”  more…

Life Out of the Box > Muscle Tissue Lovin’

“I ordered one recently and it is fabulous! The day I got it, I used it on
my calves. Normally with foam rolling, it feels like the knot in my calf is just getting moved around and not broken down like it needs to be. The lacrosse ball works, but takes a while due to the small surface area. The Rumble Roller worked perfectly. It felt like I was simultaneously rolling 4 lacrosse balls on my calf.”  more…

Dragon Door Forum > Tight IT bands when squating

“This roller is fundamentally different. It is not just more ‘painful’ but moves
the muscles/fascia around in a much differerent way. it’s the difference between an forearm slide and a thumb during a deep tissue massage. the knobs manipulate the tissue in a completely unique way.”  more…

Dragon Door Forum > Hip flexor problem… Pavel?

“I just got a Blue RumbleRoller. It’s hard to describe just how awesome this thing is. It’s like starting foam rolling all over again.”  more…

Carter Irvin Fitness > Sore Muscles?

“I have only used two sessions on this roller.  Neither of which have gone
over 10 minutes.  In both sessions I was able to release so many knots (most of which I did not know I had!).  In short, I was AMAZED!”  more…

Zach Dechant Sports Performance Training > Rumble

“The first time I used the rumble roller I was a little disappointed.  I’m used to using a 4″ round PVC pipe for my soft tissue work and the rumble roller just felt too soft.  It seemed like I was taking a step back to a softer material.  But after a few weeks of work with the roller I quickly realized this wasn’t the case at all.”  more…

WOD Almighty > Recovery Pt. II: Foam Rolling

“The Rumble Roller is absolutely no joke. This thing is insane. It’s basically a
firm foam roller with hard little nubs surrounding it. The nubs provide an advanced level of kneading and pulling as you roll, and at first I was in absolute agony using this thing. But over time, just like with it’s traditional predecessor, the Rumble Roller has now become pretty standard during my evening recovery exercises.”  more…

Athlete Treating Athletes > RumbleRoller Review

“The knobs themselves are soft so you don’t have to worry about hitting bone
and they are positioned so that they build on each other. As you roll over one, it provides a stretch to the muscle so that the next knob can sink in deeper.”  more…

Recover Your Stride > What is a Physiatrist???

“I have used many different types of foam rollers, but I think I have found that best foam roller ever made. I have been using this for two weeks and it is quite a monster and can hit muscles in ways that a traditional foam roller cannot and it feels better than it looks as it can really isolate tight spots and trigger points.”  more…

Kill Fat Me > Hitting Deep Muscle Pain and Tightness with the RumbleRoller

“I’ve had a hard time finding a massage therapist that can give me a hard enough massage to really work the tight spots in my Scapular and Trapezius muscles. I’ve only been using the RumbleRoller for about 24 hours, but already I can feel how well it works.
It is certainly a lot more painful than my other foam roller, which will take some getting used to. But wow, my shoulders feel so much better after rolling on it.”  more…

The Body Forge > Rumble Roller Review

“I hate these things. And by hate I mean they are probably one of the smartest
(albeit slightly expensive) purchases I have made all year. The Rumble Roller offers something the standard foam roll, pipe, ball, whatever can not offer – small nubs that will actually dig into soft tissue to help further remove knots and loosen up tight muscles.”  more…

Monster vs Beast > And on the seventh day, there was rest…

“This thing is amazing once you get past the ridiculous amount of pain you
experience due to muscle tightness when you first start using it. After my marathon, I had some IT Band issues that caused knee pain and I ended up in physical therapy because of it. I’ve been using the Rumble Roller faithfully ever since and haven’t run into any further issues.”  more…

The Cellulite Investigation > Do Foam Rollers Work on Cellulite?

“I am now officially addicted to the Rumble Roller.  I honestly cannot tell
you if it does a thing for cellulite because I’ve used it solely to target The Knot every day since I discovered the standing technique.  I’ll move on to the legs eventually, but the Rumble Roller has already paid for itself as far as I’m concerned.  It’s even better than most of the professional massages I’ve experienced.”  more…

The Cellulite Investigation > The Poor Man’s Massage

“In the initial review of my new RumbleRoller, I made the statement that using a foam roller ‘is even better than most of the professional massages I’ve experienced’ (at least when it comes to the actual massaging action – I still miss the instant relaxation that comes with the spa atmosphere).  I’ve been using my foam roller consistently for
a month now, and I stand by that original claim.”  more…

Lean Bodies Fitness Forum > Rumble Roller

“I just got one of these bad ass ‘foam rollers’ today and immediately gave it a
try. Talk about a massive difference b/w this and my white foam roller. I actually feel something with this one.”  more…

IronGarm Forum > RumbleRoller

“I’ve done everything from the bottom of my feet up to the neck area. I would
still probably use something for a particularly hard to reach area like a lacrosse ball, but this thing hits a lot of areas well. It is the closest thing to a hands on massage that I have experienced.”  more…

IronGarm Forum > Foam roller recommondation plz

“Once you try a Rumble Roller, I think you’ll wonder why you spent time on the other ones.”  more…

Steve in a Speedo > Does It Work: The RumbleRoller

“When I foam roll, I never feel like I can roll through my hamstrings enough – I
don’t have enough body weight to put enough force on my hammys. But being the RumbleRoller is more ‘aggressive’, it works better through my hammys.”  more…

Studio Veena Forum > Rumble Roller

“This thing is heaven! It is a roller studded with little ‘thumb-like’ protrusions that work the fascia and release it like nothing I’ve ever felt. It’s not for the faint of heart. But if you’ve worked up to the black foam roller, you can definitely handle this one. Love it!!”  more…

Runner’s World Forum > New to Foam Rolling

“I have both the Grid (Trigger Point Foam Roller) and the Rumble Roller. Oh, and also the Quadballer from TP. I don’t hurt as much when I use the Grid or Quadballer but boy, I almost screamed in pain when I first used the Rumble Roller!”  more…

ExRx Forum > prickly underarm pain

“If you have a roller, lie on your side with your arm straight and roller under your underarms and stay there until you feel loose. I do that with the rumble roller, dont have anymore problems now.”  more… Forum > The Rumble Roller

“I have been foam rolling for quite a while but this thing takes it to a new
level. I often used my hard bouncing medicine balls to roll my legs so I thought I was in pretty good shape. The rumble roller brings tears to my eyes doing my hamstrings and IT
bands.”  more… Forum > The Rumble Roller

“OMG!!! This freak is bad ass. I got the firm and it’s a torturous undercover
freak device. If you’ve ever used the black high density foam rollers then your in for a treat.”  more… Forum > Rumble Roller Review

“I picked one of these up at the Arnold and really like it. When I do squats and
deadlifts my lower back gets really tight and sore for about two days. This thing relieves the soreness…”  more… Forum > Which RumbleRoller should I get?

“My recommendation would be to buy both. Initially you use both of them (one on the lower back and one on the upper back) at the same time. It is less painfull when your weight is distributed over two rollers rather than one. You can then up the intensity by swapping them so that the stiffer one is under the area you are focusing on”  more…

T-Nation Forum > Extra Firm Rumble Roller 

“I used it at my brothers college in their training room and it was the best
recovery tool i have ever used, it gets 10xs deeper than a normal foam roller and i felt great, so im dying to get my hands on one!…”  more…

Pendlay Forum > Blue Collar Recovery

“As for the massage, I try to get one once a month, but in the meantime I use a rumble roller… Which, I declare to be absolute MAGIC.”  more…

Healthy Habits > 9 Ways to Make Your Workouts Less Sucky

“Lately, I have been using a Rumble Roller. It’s softer than my previous
roller, but those knobs really do the trick on my IT bands and tight hip
muscles.”  more…

Low Back Pain Resource > Our Review of the Rumble Roller

“The rumble roller is great, because of the ridges all over it that kind of resemble fingers when you roll them on your muscles.  It really helps you get into the muscles, especially more difficult places with smaller muscle groups.  And we absolutely love it for the upper and middle back..”  more…

Chris Vaughn Training Log > Raw B.C. Training Week 2

“I really have to mention the RumbleRoller Extra Firm. I got this thing a couple of weeks ago and I love it. The little nubs really work the trigger points in my back, shoulders, and quads. I’m converting from the AXIS Foam Roller (36″X6″ – BLK)–which is still a great product–to the RumbleRoller exclusively.”  more…

SwingWorks > RumbleRoller

“This thing doesn’t compress your muscle tissue, it manipulates it, just like
your masseuse would.”  more…

Tuff Phit > Rumble Roller Giveaway

“When I first started experimenting with the Rumble Roller, I was under the
impression I would be rolling in a fast motion back and forth. It’s not a fast motion at all. At least for me it’s not. Just lying there and having the fingers push into your muscle really works them lose..”  more…

The Review Stew > RumbleRoller Review

“I recommend RumbleRollers for all avid exercisers and for people who are prone to muscle injury and muscle soreness! You will love the relief that Rumble Rollers give you, the quality and how long they last you!”  more… > Customer Reviews

“I had resorted to using PVC in place of a standard foam roller, because the foam ones just didn’t get in deep enough. The Rumble Roller finds those knots and applies the right amount of pressure without making you want to pull away.”  more…

Elite Fitness Systems > User Feedback

“It has just the right amount of firmness, and the ‘bump’ really dig deep in the tissues. I have tried a PVC pipe, but it really seems to run into my bones in some areas.  Also, because it has no give, doesn’t spread around the muscles well. The RR seems to solve those issues, and is really a great addition for someone who is looking for the ‘next’ level of rolling to get deep into the muscles.”  more…

Tumblr > I Wish to be a Prima Ballerina

“i was using a foam roller like 5 times a day and still i was very uncomfortable
(hard to pile a lot and stretch my knees fully thus engaging quads) until i fond this thing called the rumble roller! i ordered it a few dasys ago and its AMAZING”  more…

End the Trend Now > RumbleRoller Review – Not
Your Average Roller

“With the RumbleRoller your able to get to areas, work them out and spend a lot
less time rolling.”  more…

The Journey is the Reward > The Masochistic Foam Roller

“I was telling an injured runner about foam rollers the other night. Since he had never heard of them, I pulled out my laptop and Googled ‘Foam Roller’…………. My jaw dropped when I saw this ‘Mac Daddy.”  more…


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