Strength Training for Women

For those of you woman that are looking for that edge in your training please consider the missing link. Traditionally woman everywhere who are busy getting into better shape are busy pounding the neighborhood pavement running or in a gym doing cardio. It is great keeping busy toning and strengthening your heart. We all need to keep this muscle in the best of shape for without it being strong we all know the end result. Heart attack, stroke, and even death which in all three cases are just simply no fun. The cardiovascular training will help us with this issue.Now lets face it, we all know we don’t just train to maintain a healthy heart. You know you want to always look better, feel sexier, and stay on top of your game. Well here is the Missing link for woman… strength training.

A little history on me. I have been a Fitness Equipment Specialist and personal trainer for over 12 years and in all my research and dealings with training women I have found that the majority of woman have attempted to lose weight by dieting and cardio training. This is only a portion of the solution that you are looking for.

Here’s a break down of the benefits of Strength Training:

  • Body Fat Loss
  • Increased energy
  • Efficiency of caloric burn
  • Injury prevention
  • Maintain Bone Density
  • Weight Loss
  • Improves your balance and coordination
  • Helps to maintain a good cardio vascular system
  • Enhance any sport you may play or do.
  • Look better
  • These are just some of the direct benefits of strength training

The way your body works is the more muscles you have, the more energy you require to make the body move. This is generally why men lose weight faster than woman. The Bigger bodies with more muscle for men means burning body fat faster.

Bottom line:

The woman with the most lean muscle wins the game. You want to lose weight build and tone your muscle long with you cardio training. This is the ticket to victory and the missing link you seek.

Recommendation for Strength training:

Book: Body for Life for women; this book contains a full program of strength training specifically for women. This book also has a great eating plan and cardio workout. Check it out….

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