Strength and Power don’t always come from lifting weights

Have you used resistance tubing or bands yet? Why not? They are becoming very popular in a lot of individuals fitness routines.

Exercise bands and tubing come in a variety of colors and lengths. Each color corresponds to a certain degree of tension, i.e. light, medium, heavy, extra heavy. Tension in resistance bands and tubing increases as they are stretched. It is important to note that not all manufacturers follow the same color guidelines, so don’t be afraid to ask you local fitness professional on which resistance is best suited for you.

Tubing and bands are a great way to compliment or substitute in your existing strength training routine. Much like other strength training products these tubing’s and bands can help produce gains in both muscle and bones. The main difference and a benefit with tubing and bands is that is has a recoil effect. This involves the exercising of agonist muscles while stretching out antagonist muscles. This recoil effect not only helps with gains in overall strength but also helps with joint stability.

Most people are familiar with these tubing’s and bands if they spent any time in exercise rehabilitation, but they are also an excellent way to increase power and speed for specific movements. Some examples are when a boxer wants to build punching power and strength they would attach the tubing to a door with a door attachment and throw a variety of punches and jabs or a sprinter will attach tubing to a harness and run with someone holding the opposite end to provide an anchor point.

Whether you are tight for space, budget or always traveling, tubing and bands are a excellent tool to supplement your exercise routine. This type of resistance training is very beneficial to the strength of your bones, tendons, and ligaments. Although, they are a great addition to ones routine they should not be your only means of training for strength and power.

So, it is important to know what your exercise goals are and what types of exercises are available to you to achieve these goals.

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