Ski Season is here, are you ready for it?

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The snow is falling, the trails are groomed and the local mountains are now open for ski season. But before you grab your skis or board and throw your body into an activity you most likely haven’t done for months (if not years), take note of a few tips that will ensure your après-ski is truly enjoyable. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting left behind on the slopes or extreme muscle soreness after your first session of the season. We’ve all been there before…

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Top tips to get fit for ski season

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Don’t neglect your cardio in the run-up to and during the ski season otherwise you’ll be left red in the face for more than one reason.

  • Fix it! Spinning is a great way to improve your cardio fitness and get those legs in tip-top shape. If you don’t fancy spinning, take regular runs or bike rides on the seawall to ensure your body isn’t shocked into hours of cardio on the mountain.

Flexibility & mobility

rumble rollerPeople mistakenly think they get injuries due to weak muscles but it’s often the result of a lack of mobility, flexibility or not being warmed-up for the activity in hand.

  • Fix it! Use a foam roller – like the portable RumbleRoller or Trigger Point Grid – to loosen up those hips, stretch those muscles and stay nimble. It’s also a great solution post ski session to ensure you combat any muscle soreness immediately.


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Balance & core strength

A lack of balance will cause you to topple over while zooming down those slopes while good core strength will keep you posture perfect.

  • Fix it! Use a bosu ball to strengthen those abs and thigh muscles in particular!




exercise tubeWe often go from doing minimal exercise or short workouts to spending hours navigating our way down the mountain at speed. This is no mean feat and can be extremely tiring on the legs and core.

  • Fix it! Exercise bands are a simple and effective way to work on key muscle groups to ensure your body has the strength and stamina to tackle the toughest of moguls.

Keep it real

Ultimately, you need to choose workouts that you’re going to enjoy and actually want to do on a regular basis. Set yourself goals each week and stay disciplined. Your ski season on and off the slopes will be a lot more enjoyable if you do.



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