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Hello and Welcome!Senior Fitness Blog - Why Stop Doing What You Love?

This is the first and initial post, and I want to describe for you what I hope to achieve here. First of all, the blog is for SENIORS, and in particular, seniors, who have taken the decision to do something about improving their overall physical well-being.

There already is an enormous amount of information on the Internet to help seniors improve their overall physical well-being. So, is this blog any different? Well, yes! I will describe how one particular piece of equipment, a rowing machine can have enormous benefit for you.

Seniors and rowing

Ok, let’s clear up a few points. I am not in any way going to try and sell you anything here. This blog will be a commercial-free zone. Also, you need to know that I have very recently purchased a rowing machine and will devote considerable time talking about that.

Senior Fitness Blog - As You Grow Older, If You Don't Move... You Won't MoveWhy is this blog being hosted by Fitness Town and not on my own personal blog? Good question. A number of points to be made here: when I purchased my own rowing machine I decided to do a lot of research beforehand, it’s just what I do. I very quickly discovered there is almost nothing on the Internet that talks about seniors using rowing machines specifically…very little indeed. I spent a considerable amount of time attempting to find articles around rowing machines that described things such as what a senior should think about, what current health issues need considering, what level of fitness is recommended, health of heart, etc. These topics and more, were on my mind when I started.

Back to Fitness Town and their willingness to host the blog. So I bought my rowing machine from Fitness Town, and in the process of all that, I described the difficulty of finding specific information for seniors and rowing machines. I said “YOU should have this information for seniors as part of your website,” and they said “you’re right!”

Fitness Town has the opportunity to have many more seniors coming to their website by providing content specific to seniors. Lastly, I want to disclose that Fitness Town does not in any way compensate me for writing the blog. Nor do I receive any products or services for writing this blog.

Educate and improve your own physical well-being

Below is a list of the various topics that are intended to be future postings. In this post, I will also tell you a little bit more about myself. My expectation, and hope is that if you continue reading the blog, you will find enough information to decide for yourself if a rowing machine is going to benefit and improve your own physical well-being.

Topics for future blog posts include:Senior Fitness Blog - Concept 2 Model D & WaterRower Natural Rowing Machines

  • Why Rowing Machine vs. Other equipment
  • Assessing Your Current State of Health
  • Understanding Heart Rate Ranges and Calorie Burn
  • Heart Rate Measuring Devices/Methods
  • Measuring Results

If you have a topic you’re interested in learning more about related to this topic, please write it below in the comment section.

Let’s start a conversation!

My ultimate aim here, is to create a conversation. A conversation with seniors and for seniors who are serious about taking much better care of themselves, enjoying life more fully, and being in much better shape physically than they currently are. A conversation must involve more than one person right? This blog is being set up to encourage you to leave your comments, to ask your questions and to learn from other seniors.

Overcoming my injuries

Senior Fitness Blog - We Have Confused Illness with the Process of Aging
So what about Bob? That’s me. Who am I? Well, I am 72, male, and I guess I qualify to be a senior. A little over a year ago, I got out of bed after a three day bout of the flu. WHAM! I get this searing pain from my left buttocks area, far worse than a charlie horse, it was a nauseating pain. Keeping the story short here, my pelvis had slipped, and my left piroformis muscle was contracting. Why did that happen? Several possibilities, but the bottom line was that my core muscles were in a very weakened state. After a short period of physiotherapy, it took almost a full year to become pain and discomfort free. That was my wake-up call. I vowed to make sure my pelvis would not slip again and was intent on strengthening my core muscles AND improve overall physical fitness.

So, that’s what brought me eventually to a rowing machine. More about that in the next blog. But, I’m going to leave you with a teaser…….the results, my results have been…..well, you’ll have to read the next blog to find out!

In the next post, I’ll go into greater detail regarding my research and how a rowing machine became my ultimate choice. I’ll talk briefly about working out at home vs. in a fitness centre. I’ll provide you with a very detailed analysis comparing two of the most popular rowing machines. Finally, I’ll tell you the benefits I’ve realized after about 8 weeks of experience.

Again, to have this conversation, we need to have your participation. Please leave your comments, and questions!


Until next time, keep fit or find the determination to do so.


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