Schwinn Airdyne Pro Bike: What Makes Air Bikes the Best!

Did you know that cardio exercise can improve everything from your sleep to your sex life?

If that doesn’t get you jumping on a piece of cardio equipment, nothing will!

There is a range of different cardio exercise machines you can use, but one of our favourite pieces is the air bike. Products such as the Schwinn Airdyne Pro Bike offer a great cardio workout and more.

Read on to learn what makes air bikes the best!

What Is an Air Bike?

An air bike is a form of stationary bike. Instead of using a flywheel or magnetic resistance like other types of exercise bikes, air bikes have a large fan. 

The faster you pedal, the faster the fan turns. Since you’re moving more air, it means that the resistance increases the harder you pedal. Most air bikes also include arm levers to ensure you get an upper body workout too.

What Are the Benefits of Air Bikes?

Air bikes offer a number of benefits that make them a great piece of cardio equipment. Here are just some of the reasons air bikes are great.

Full Body Workout

Thanks to the arm levers and pedals, you can get a full-body workout using an air bike. You’re working your arms and legs, and you also need to use your core to maintain your stability. 

Perfect for Low Intensity and HIIT

Because the intensity of the workout increases the harder you pedal, it means you can use an air bike for HIIT with ease. Simply pedal hard for the high-intensity hit and then more slowly for the rest periods.

You can also maintain a constant slow pedal for a great low-intensity workout, too.

Ideal for Home Gyms

If you’re looking for something for your home, then an air bike is a perfect option.

They’re compact so they won’t take over your home, and as we’ve already seen, they’re perfect for a range of different workouts. Since an air bike gives a full-body workout you don’t need to invest in multiple pieces of equipment.

One of the best things about using an air bike for a home gym brings us to our final point.

An Affordable Option

The principles of an air bike are fairly simple; it’s a bike with a big fan on it.

That means that there’s not a lot of expensive machinery involved, so air bikes are an affordable option. If you compare them with treadmills, for example, you’re getting a lot more for your money with an air bike.

If you’re looking for great cardio exercise at a great price, then an air bike is a strong choice.

Are You Ready to Give Air Bikes a Try?

If air bikes sound like the perfect option for you, then you’re in the right place.

We stock a range of great cardio equipment, including the Schwinn Airdyne Pro Bike as well as spin bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, and more. We also have strength and weight training equipment, as well as other fitness accessories.

Check out our newest stock today!

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