RockTape Knee Caps: A Review

RockTape Knee Caps: Are they worth it?

I needed knee sleeves. I was tired of wrapping my knees with Voodoo Floss, unwrapping them, rolling them up, and then scrubbing the smell of latex off my hands. Enter the RockTape Knee Caps: They offered a 7 mm thickness, perfect for my powerlifting (k)needs. Apparently, many people swear by Rehband knee sleeves, but their 7 mm sleeves are hard to find now, so the KneeCaps were now my first choice.


Rocktap knee caps


What I wanted to find out was whether the RockTape Knee Caps would keep my patellar tendinitis at bay and whether they would hold up to frequent use. It’s no secret that many reviews out there complained about the quality of Knee Caps just after their introduction in the market. It was also encouraging to see those same reviewers comment favourably on RockTape‘s customer service and also their continued improvement of the Knee Caps. Apparently, the Generation III RockTape Knee Caps solved the durability issues, but I’m not quite sure which generation I received to review. As you’ll see, it didn’t matter in the end.

I don’t need compression as much as I need warmth, so I picked out Knee Caps based on their sizing chart. They fit snugly but not excessively tight. It wasn’t a workout in itself to put the Knee Caps on or take them off. Pulling them on took a few tugs, and pulling them off required flipping them inside out due to the sweat. That’s a good thing: I wanted my knees to sweat. I wanted them to be warm and damp and soft and pink and pain-free after a set of squats. The RockTape Knee Caps made my knees all of those things.

I worried about the seams ripping from having to flip them inside out, but my fears were unfounded. The seams are durable. I’m not a seamstress, but the seams look like how I’d sew up something if I wanted it to last. That’s some pretty dense stitching. The Knee Caps also do not stink after several squat workouts. I haven’t washed them yet, but they don’t stink enough for a wash. If I were to wash them, I’d be sure to hand wash, and air dry them as the box says.

The patellar tendinitis hasn’t flared up at all. I can jump and land on my feet without stinging pain. I don’t feel it throbbing after a workout. The RockTape Knee Caps keep the area compressed and warm and help my knees track properly.

All in all, the RockTape Knee Caps are a great addition to any trainee’s gym bag. The design issues seem to be rectified. They are affordable, offer great support and compression, and look good. Kudos to RockTape for continuously improving their product because this one is a winner.


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