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2014 Fitness

According to a recent Ipsos Reid poll we conducted, 42% of Vancouverites say they have no plans to set a fitness-related resolution and 15% admit to making fitness resolutions they know they’ll then break. It would seem that less and less people are setting resolutions and it appears that they aren’t very affective. So does that mean there is no hope? It sure doesn’t, quite the opposite. It means you need to make a lifestyle change and January is a great time to start full steam.

Any idea what the main reason people don’t stick to their fitness regimen is…I’ll give you a hint…go look in a mirror. That’s right, it’s you. The only person who can decide to make a change is you and the only person who can decide to stick to it is you as well. People often say they are too busy but it is usually about priorities and again you hold the power there. Which is kind of great news because it means that you have total control. So why is 2014 your year?


1. A fresh start. Although many of us don’t set resolutions, there is a still a feeling of a fresh slate come January, a feeling that you can do anything, that this is your year and well why not. Make this your year. Wash away any of the defeated ideals you held in 2013 and embody that fitness vision you have for yourself.

2. Variety and Options. Once upon a time getting fit meant putting on a onesie leotard and jumping up and down to a high tempo beat. Although this may have been amazing for some people (Richard Simmons for example), it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Now there is something for everyone (CrossFit, Yoga, Swimming, Jogging, Hiking, Biking, Cardio workouts, home gyms, spinning, Bootcamps, dancing, even drumming combined with a workout just to name a few). So grab your cup and fill it with your favorite blend. Go out and try a few things and see which ones work for you. Having some variety keeps things fun.

3. We need to make a change. Alright there are some scary things going on. For one, obesity rates continue to climb. In B.C. they rose from 20% to 25% which sadly was on the lower end. In some of the more rural areas obesity rates are as high as 30% that means as high as almost one in three people is obese…not even overweight but obese1. Obesity is linked with many health issues including diabetes, heart and circulation problems as well as mobility issues. There is a great Mad TV scene with Bob Newhart whose fix for everything is…well…STOP IT. Basically we need to make a change, we need to stop our self defeating thoughts, stop making excuses, stop prioritizing other things, stop eating junk, stop being inactive.

4. Setting a good example. According to statcan,”close to one third (31.5%) of 5- to 17-year-olds, an estimated 1.6 million, were classified as overweight (19.8%) or obese (11.7%) in 2009 to 2011.2” The percentage among boys was 3 times that of girls but there should be no reason for childhood obesity in general. We need to maintain and model healthy eating habits, we need to workout as a family, we need to prioritize fitness as a society. There are tax rebates to help incentives parents to put their children in physical activity so aside from the fact that children should be playing outside, biking, swimming, playing sports there is government help available. The problem lies within our mindset. Once something becomes socially acceptable it is a slippery slope and children sitting at a computer, in front of a TV or playing video games for hours on end has sadly become a little too accepted. Remember when we proved to future generations that smoking was toxic well why can’t we do the same about inactivity? Smoking rates are declining while obesity is on the rise. I am of course comparing apples to oranges but the premise of educating and modeling better behavior is the same. In the same Ipsos Reid poll we conducted,  61% of respondents said that it was very important to set a positive example of a healthy and fit lifestyle for their children while only 15% said they regularly engaged in family fitness activities. Shockingly 23% do not currently engage in fitness activities as a family and have no plans to start. Umm there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between our beliefs and our actions, and as they say actions speak louder than words. So don’t just do it for yourself, do it for future generations.

5. Technology – fitness is fun! Would you like to run through the French Alps but can’t afford the airfare? Well there are many treadmills that will allow you that virtual run. Want to show your friends and family your progress? Download an app. There have been so many advances in fitness technology that you can certainly find something to help motivate you. Want more information of some of these great things? Come pick our brains at any Fitness Town location.


So there you have it. 2014 is your year! Go get ’em tiger!


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