Perfect Holiday Fitness Gifts Under $100

Sometimes it’s hard finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member. This holiday season, why not give the gift of fitness? Whether you are shopping for your nephew who is a fitness enthusiast or your grandma who just needs to do some gentle exercises; we’ve got gifts that the whole family will love. 


We recently surveyed our staff of fitness experts, and here is our list of the top 10 perfect holiday gifts for under $100:




1. GoFit Muscle Hook

Who doesn’t love a massage? The GoFit Muscle Hook helps you target sore trigger points for a deep tissue massage. The rounded knobs simulate the action of a massage therapist’s thumbs and unique hooked configuration allows you to reach tight muscles over the entire body. At just $39.99, the GoFit Muscle Hook is a must have in any home gym.


2. 41 Inch Resistance Bands

Whether you are working out at home, on the go or at the gym, resistance bands are a must have fitness accessory that enable you to exercise different muscle groups effortlessly. These are considered a Fitness Town top seller and start at just $7.75 CAD. With a variety of resistance band and tube options, starting at less than $2.00, there’s a band for everyone on your list!


3. Performa PerfectShaker Superhero Shaker Bottles

Have a loved one big and small who just loves superheroes and smoothies? Well we have the perfect shaker bottle on sale for just $14.99. Our Fitness Equipment Experts absolutely love to recommend this shaker bottle as it perfectly blends protein powder and makes a more enjoyable shake. Call your local Fitness Town store for availability on your gift receiver’s favourite superhero today.


4. FitterFirst Hardwood/Carpet Gliding Discs

For anyone who enjoys pilates, yoga, step, core conditioning and strength exercises in the comfort of their family room, the FitterFirst Carpet or Hardwood Gliding Discs, transform exercise movements into smooth, graceful lines of flowing motion. The Gliding Disc exercise system works multiple muscles while engaging core stabilization throughout the range of motion. This holiday season pick this item up for just $24.95 for a set of 2 dics!


5. 2X4 Exercise Mat

Every home can use a nice cushioned exercise mat. Whether it’s used for floor exercises or for the little ones to sit on around the Christmas tree, it’s a must have in any household. Our 2×4 exercise mats are made of premium PVC leather and are just $49.95. Visit your local Fitness Town store for even more exercise mat options at various price points today.


6. 360 Athletics Concorde Fitness Step with Risers

Made popular in the 1980’s when step classes rose to fame, this fitness essential is still going strong. Sale priced at just $99.00, this fitness step is lightweight and durable, comes with risers and has a non-slip and stable surface. Combine it with a nice set of dumbbells, to make the perfect gift today.


7. TPE Yoga Mat

These days, everyone is crazy about yoga and everyone is doing it. Little girls love the mountain pose and grandma is surprisingly good at warrior poses – who knew?! This makes the TPE yoga mat the perfect gift for any member of your family or friend circle. For just $39.95, this yoga mat is eco-friendly and 100% PVC and latex free.


8. TriggerPoint Therapy Grid 2.0

The Grid 2.0 is a foam roller used to self massage and roll through the tight muscles, knots and kinks that prevent us from feeling good and moving well. Whether you are shopping for a fitness buff or occasional exerciser, the Grid 2.0 is a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime. The TriggerPoint Therapy Grid 2.0 is currently on sale for $89.99. Find other great roller options at Fitness Town online or in store today at various price points to fit any holiday budget.


9. Original Body Stick

We all get muscle soreness once in a while. This is why the Original Body Stick is must have in any home. It’s a tool that enables you to give yourself a deep tissue massage at home or on the go. Available now at a Fitness Town retail store near you or online for just $49.98.


10. Rubber Hex Dumbbells 3-50lbs

For the person in your life who loves exercising at the gym, give them the tools to do their favourite exercises at home. Rubber Hex Dumbbells make the perfect gift as they are considered a fitness staple. Choose from weights ranging from 3 lbs to 50 lbs and prices starting from just $3 a dumbbell!


No matter what the Fitness Mind State is of your friend or family member, Fitness Town is sure to have the perfect gift for them. Shop online or visit a Fitness Town store near you for expert advice from our fitness professionals today.



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