No Longer a Tough Mudder Virgin

No Longer a Tough Mudder Virgin

I lost it – and what a memorable experience it was.

Still haven’t read my “I’m about to lose my Tough Mudder virginity” post? Get on it!

Now where do I begin?

As someone who has an entire favourites tab dedicated to motivational videos, most of which feature montages of locker room speeches, famous quotes, and inspirational music. You wouldn’t have found a happier person in the world than myself at 12:20pm on Saturday.


Prior to starting the race – Mudders are gathered together, brought down on one knee for one final speech, music is blasting and adrenaline is flowing – I was in heaven.

As the race started, my inner competitor took-over. Kilometer after kilometer, obstacle after obstacle,  we ran through the rocky and hilly terrain, taking a quick break when needed but for the most part we maintained a steady pace. We   left our fears behind as we climbed ladders and walls, jumped off platforms, dove into the mud, ran through fire and crawled through tunnels.

Countless times we turned to each other – we couldn’t believe how much fun we were having. We overcame our initial fears with every step and built the confidence needed to not only complete the race, but complete every obstacle.

Favourites obstacles? Can I say all of them? How about Arctic Enema? Nothing like starting off the day jumping into freezing cold water and swimming under barbed wire. Climbing the Berlin Wall with nothing but a help from teammates & strangers. Splashing through the Mud Mile was amazing, but Everest was far and away my favourite (video footage coming soon).

Least favourites? Hard to say. Maybe Electric Shock Therapy? Strictly because I didn’t feel a thing! Not one shock. I wasn’t looking to be completely fried but a little something would have been nice. Might have to extend a thumbs down to Walk the Plank based on the extremely long lines and wait times – but I’m splitting hairs here.

I am glad that my teammates and I remained relatively injury free. Blisters, cramps, plenty of scrapes and cuts but nothing major. I really felt for those few Mudders I saw being carted off the course with significant injuries.

Tough Mudder brought me closer to my teammates but also my fellow Mudders I saw along the way – co-workers,  friends of friends, acquaintances, familiar faces, and to the complete strangers who stopped and smiled or cheered us on.

Looking back on the experience I couldn’t have asked for anything more, well maybe an extra beer at the end of it all?

I’m already looking forward to Tough Mudder Whistler next year but the thought of  Tough Mudder Seattle – October 5th & 6th has crossed my mind.


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