New Year, New Goals

… Same you, but stronger. Welcome to the next decade and the start of your refined goals. From beginners to competitors, we could all reflect on our goals this year and ask ourselves what’s working and what isn’t. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help get you started. Don’t forget to look back at 2019 and congratulate yourself for the progress you’ve made!


Are you taking time to rest?

Rest is necessary to recover and sustain energy as well as regulate your weight. Don’t forget to prioritize rest and value it as much as all of your other goals. Be honest with yourself, is your lifestyle and fitness routine sustainable for the amount of rest you get? This year, be diligent about giving your mind and body enough time to recover. This could mean adding an extra hour of sleep to your nights or getting your body used to a consistent bed time.

What does your diet look like this year?

Everyone’s diet differs depending on what they want to achieve. Is your dieting contributing to your fitness goals or taking away from it? A good way to find out is to determine if the foods you’re eating have the micro and macronutrients that pertain to your fitness goals, in the correct proportions. After assessing your current diet, you may find that you need to cut down on the foods that don’t meet these criteria or incorporate more foods that do.

Do you feel good in your body?

This year don’t skip out on conditioning exercises and improving your mobility and flexibility, especially if a fitness goal of yours is to increase weight this year. Stretching and conditioning is necessary to prevent injury and help your body to recover in preparation for your next workout. Feel good in your body when you’re working out and when you’re not!

Do you enjoy your workout?

If you don’t feel fulfilled by your fitness journey try refreshing elements of your current workout routine to help you enjoy working out and feel motivated to reach your goals. That might mean trying a new sport, revamping your gym playlist or grabbing a friend to motivate each other.

Are you getting stronger?

Look back at your past year and what you’ve accomplished to set new strength milestones to hit this year. Progression doesn’t come overnight, but it does come with practice and time. Try pushing yourself to do one more rep or add a set onto your current workout. What do you want your 1 rep max look like at the end of the year?

How do you get your heart pumping?

There are so many different options for cardio from running and swimming, to dancing or cycling. Cardio can look different for everyone – what’s your fit? Hours on a treadmill might not be for everyone, so this year find the workout that interests you the most. If you are that person that enjoys the treadmill jog, this year try interval training or even rowing to incorporate strength into your cardio and blast body fat at the same time. The options are endless and it’s time to refresh your routine!

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