My “Learn to Run 10km” Experience on the Octane Zero Runner (Part 2)


Continuing my journey with the “Learn to Run 10km” program and the Zero Runner


If you haven’t had the opportunity to read my first installment of this series, let me fill you in a little. In the past few months, I have decided to complete a running program called “Learn to Run 10km” using the new Zero Runner by Octane Fitness.

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The program consists of 3 different interval runs a week, with each week being progressively more difficult until you are running 10+ km without any walking intervals. Being a bigger guy myself and not really classifying myself as a “runner” per se, I plan to see if someone in my situation could use the Zero Runner regularly. Not only do I want to see how I could hold up personally, but I also want to test the machine and see if it can handle someone like me using it regularly as well.


About Part 1


In my first entry, I was about ten days into the experiment and had almost completed three weeks of the running program! Now, I’m just over a month into the process and have just completed week 9 of the running program. I’ve been able to maintain the aggressive schedule of 5 days a week. Since I have done similar programs in the past, I have been able to maintain this schedule, but if you are just starting, I would recommend going a bit easier. I started the program at 6’2” and weighing about 285 lbs. To this day, I’m happy to say that I now weigh about 275 lbs and have seen a noticeable increase in lean muscle growth and a decrease in my fat percentage. In Part 1, I explained my experiences at the beginning stages of the program. Throughout, I noticed muscular and endurance benefits that are specifically due to using the Zero Runner instead of a treadmill or running outside. For example, I really like how the Zero Runner works my posterior muscle chain, unlike the other cardio substitutes.


Maintaining My Schedule

If you are wondering what my biggest accomplishment has been this far, I’d have to say that it’s a fact I’ve been able to maintain this aggressive schedule! Not only have I been able to continue running five days a week, I’ve also had absolutely no joint or muscle pain. I consistently run between 6 and 10 km daily, and I feel great after each run. I constantly find myself planning my morning routine so that I can get onto the Zero Runner a bit earlier each morning and run for a bit longer each day.

You might think that I’ve become a bit obsessed, but really this workout has motivated me to continue to push myself. In some instances, I’ve noticed that I have even started to ignore the walking intervals and just run the entire time. It truly has allowed me to fall in love with running again, and to me, that is so important! Plus, with Zero Runner’s great console, I’m able to have my iPad set up so I can watch movies or read emails all at the same time.


Cardio Stamina Benefits

Other benefits I have recently noticed is that my cardio stamina is noticeably increasing. I feel as though my stride has become far more balanced and developed. Since using the Zero Runner, I have been able to learn how to control my stride length and cadence to match what kind of walk or run I want to do. At any given time, I can have a stride length ranging anywhere from 24” to 42”. I can also control my pace to be anywhere from 17 min/per mile to 8 min/per mile. Of course, when you are working out, this will fluctuate with your body type. Throughout this program, I can confidently say that it has taught me how to efficiently use the machine.


My Feedback

The only piece of feedback I have at this point for the Zero Runner is that you should always ensure it isn’t making any strange noises while you use it. Since I push the limits on the machine consistently, I have had to re-level it. A few times, it has started to make a bit of a creaking noise which isn’t good! It was easily fixable for me, but don’t hesitate to call Fitness Town’s Service department if this issue continues. They will ensure that the problem is fixed and that it is safe. This is why purchasing the extended warranty is extremely important, as you don’t want to pay out of pocket for issues that may arise. In defence of the Zero Runner, up until recently, it has not been properly set up and levelled on a mat. That has been corrected, so we will see how it goes over the next few weeks.


My Future Goals For This Program

In the weeks to come, I hope to reach my goal of finishing the program using the Octane app to monitor my stats. I would love to begin to incorporate some of Octane’s cross-training programs into my workout. They have programs built into Zero Runner and the app that I would like to try out and review. Based on what I have heard in the Fitness industry, these features are great and worthwhile. I’m excited to say that the end of April marks the first 10km race that I plan to enter, and I feel like I will be more than ready!  Stay tuned for the next installment of my “Learn to Run 10km” experience on the Octane Zero Runner.





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