Managing Your Fitness & Social Life


2013FTA-4868If there is one conclusion I can make from our Ipsos Reid Poll and reading Fitness Town COO Dai Manuel’s health & fitness survey. It’s this:

“When it comes to my health & fitness, I don’t have enough time” – Said everyone.

That is the most popular reason excuse for not exercising. Mostly due to long hours at work, commute times,  kids, or a popular social life. Mix in that recommended 8 hours of sleep every night and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Right?


Let’s face the facts: Apparently, you are kind of a big deal. And yes, you are busy! So am I, so is your neighbour, so is your boss. Everyone is busy.

Life is about using the 24 hours in the day effectively and when it comes to fitness, matching the goals you want to accomplish with your lifestyle and how much time you have.

Makes sense?

For example, if you don’t want to be become a bodybuilder, a power lifter or professional athlete, chances are you don’t need to spend 90+ minutes working out 6-7 days a week.

The majority of fitness goals are typically somewhere between wanting to lean out, lose a little body fat, gain muscle or achieve that toned look. So how do you make health & fitness work with your busy life?



1. High Intensity Workouts

As we just talked about, a long and grueling workout may not be needed. You will be surprised about how much you can accomplish in a 20, or 30 minute high intensity workout. Start off by minimizing rest times between sets and exercises.

2. Working Out with Friends

We already established how much of a social butterfly you really are. So why not work out with a friend?  Two birds, one stone. You can get your workout in, socialize between exercises, and your friends can double as accountability partners!


3. Save Time & Workout at Home

Putting together your gym bag, getting dressed, walking to the car, driving to the gym, getting your locker, the clock keeps ticking Soon your 45 minute workout turned into nearly 2 hours. Investing in home fitness equipment will cut down the time your workout takes and saves money in the long run.


Always Keep Moving



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